Meet Matt Mandel, the Massage Therapist and Active Release Technique Practitioner in San Francisco

Active Release Technique Provider in San Francisco
Matt is the new massage therapist at SF Custom Chiropractic, who recently joined our team! He specializes in ART and Fascial Manipulation. SF Custom Chiropractic is the leader in treatment of sports injuries in the Bay Area and is excited to have Matt join the team. Because the providers at SF Custom Chiropractic treat many soft tissues and injuries instead of just adjusting joints, patients feel much better much quicker. This is also a better treatment for pain in your arms and legs, not just low back or neck pain.

Matt Mandel is a certified Active Release Technique Provider in San Francisco and certified Fascial Manipulation Provider at SF Custom Chiropractic’s Financial District location. Matt had just relocated to San Francisco from New York City. He draws on his experience as a personal trainer, manual therapist, dealing with sports injuries, and orthopedic rehab. Matt is full body certified, so that means he can address any soft tissue issue you may have.

To make an appointment with Matt, our new Active Release Technique Practitioner in San Francisco, or Fascial Manipulation, or any of our other massages therapists for a Deep Tissue Massage contact our office at (415) 788-8700.

Updated Massage Schedule:

Financial District Schedule – Monday – Matt Mandel
Tuesday – Beth Binegar
Wednesday – Beth Binegar
Thursday – Beth Binegar
Friday – Zoe Burton

Valencia Location Schedule – Monday – Natalie Sweet
Friday – Natalie Sweet

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