Our Partners

Big Gyms


Studiomix has the convenience and value of a full service health club paired with the personal experience of a local, specialized fitness studio. With 30,000 sq. ft. of spacious studios, detailed amenities, and 100+ weekly classes, they offer everything you can think of and more, including cardio, weights, steam, sauna, massage, onsite cafe, complimentary wifi, and discounted garage parking.


Equinox, voted "Best Gym in America" by Fitness magazine, operates 6 upscale, full-service clubs across the Bay Area – including 3 in the city of San Francisco. The company offers an integrated selection of Equinox-branded programs, services and products to help you maximize your health and wellness, including strength and cardio training, studio classes, personal training, spa services and products, apparel and food/juice bars.

Custom Fit

Custom Fit is a state of the art personal training and nutrition studio created to provide the highest quality one on one fitness and nutrition services available. We are a team of experienced professionals dedicated to our craft of helping people rehab from injuries, get in shape, and achieve goals. Our style of services is one that advocates functional fitness, core strength, and real food nutritional advice. 


Core Power Yoga

Core Power Yoga's mission is to show the world the incredible,life-changing things that happen when you root an intensely physical workout in the mindfulness of yoga. Live Your Power. Multiple locations throughout SF, including recently opened Financial District Studio. First class is free, give them a try.



Try a free class at Flagship, suitable for all levels. A functional fitness gym that prides itself on differentiation by providing the highest level of coaching and the very best in equipment, programs, training facilities, and amenities. With two locations (Financial District and Upper Market) and classes in Performance, Conditioning, Weightlifting and Mobility. Try a limited-time promotional membership for $199.


Muscle Activation of San Francisco

Muscle Activation of San Francisco is the Bay Area's Hub for Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT), a revolutionary process of identifying and correcting muscle inhibition. MAT specializes in activating inhibited muscles, allowing them to contract more efficiently, leading to improved posture, increased flexibility and strength, and a reduction in subjective symptoms that are due to muscular compensation. This activation is coupled with personalized exercise which allows you to get progressively stronger. The studio is conveniently located 1 block from SF Custom Chiropractic.


Rebalanced SF

Rebalanced SF specializes in a suspension-based functional exercise training system called Redcord that is uniquely designed to utilize your body weight as resistance. The system allows the body's neuromuscular system to activate dormant core muscles and correct muscle imbalances caused by trauma, pain, overuse, or inactivity. Redcord provides an environment of controlled instability that demands the muscles to "fire" the right amount at the right time. Redcord Active suspension exercises use body weight in slings to improve strength, muscular endurance, balance, coordination and core muscle stability. It is an excellent workout for anybody regardless of age, ambition or skill.

Onsite Fitness


Experts in activating and keeping your core strong to properly support your back YouniquelyFit’s in-home personal training, Pilates, and Yoga begins with a Postural Assessment. Focus on building strength in your weak muscles, and increasing flexibility in your body’s structurally tight areas. Workout in the comfort of your personal space: home, office and/or outdoors. They include endurance training for weight loss, and balance work in all planes of motion for injury prevention. There’s detailed cueing of your body’s alignment and breath, which guarantees your safety and productivity during each workout. Commit with YouniquelyFit: in home training to enhance the quality of your life.

Individual Trainers

Jon De La Torre (JDLT)

Jon De La Torre (JDLT) aims to help others find their inner strength and balance through health and wellness. The Diakadi gym has allowed JDLT to continue his specialties in Strength and Conditioning, Run Coach and Program Design, MAX V02 & EMR/RMR Metabolic Assessments, CrossFit & Sport Training, Weight Loss and Nutrition, and TRX (to name a few). 

Carlos Arana

Top 10 trainer Equinox Trainer in the country, combines physical therapy rehab with strength training. Understands movement patterns and how to address posture issues.

PI Lawyers

Stoll Law

Stoll Law has earned an excellent reputation in the Bay Area. He has been named a Northern California Super Lawyer every year since 2006, and he was awarded the 2009 Civil Justice Award. He has handled more than 40 jury trials and often speaks to other attorneys and institutions on a variety of topics.

Kerley Schaffer

Kerley Schaffer a full service insurance litigation and personal injury firm in Oakland. Whether the case comes to the firm through referrals from lawyers, public insurance adjusters, or business associates, the team at Kerley Schaffer is prepared to litigate your case and do so for a reasonable cost.


Boutique Gym


Uforia offers amazing fitness experiences from classes custom designed to get you sweaty, happy, & stronger than ever. uforia believes fitness should never be intimidating or designed for the already-fit. We're all about the music and with beats too good to ignore, your body won't want to stop moving whether it's cycling, squatting, or booty popping. Our instructors, or as we like to call them, Rockstars, are the best in the business and empower us to party just as hard as we work while sweating in class. To book your class, click here

Row House

Row House is a boutique gym based on rowing. We offer fun group classes that are low-impact full-body workout designed to build muscle, torch calories, and strengthen your core in just 45 minutes. One of our main core values is INCLUSIVITY. We unite people of all shapes, sizes, and cultural backgrounds through their love of rowing. By offering a variety of classes, those of different strengths and abilities come together for a synchronized group fitness experience in an environment that is always welcoming.