Corporate Outreach Services

Thank you for your interest in our companies' services. Most people are unaware that the meaning of doctor is "teacher". Our mission is to coach and assist as many people towards optimal health by providing quality health education for your team.
We've discovered that the results of our programs are absolutely incredible! We can easily work together to help your organization avoid problems incurred by improper sitting, standing, and lifting. We also address poor posture, suboptimal diet, and unnecessary mental stress.

Sitting in front of computers for extended periods, poor ergonomics, lack of regular exercise, mental stress and poor nutrition, account for much of your employee's physical and emotional health problems.

These problems can create worker's compensation claims, sick days off, lost productivity and decreased performance.


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Corporate Outreach Services Offered

Chair Massages

We have certified massage therapists that can come to the workplace and provide in-office relief of stiffness, tightness, and stress reduction for employees. Hands on A.R.T. therapeutic deep tissue manual therapy and assessment by a licensed chiropractor also included. Each chair massage is in 10-20 minute increments depending on the event. For health fairs we can bring up to two massage therapists at a time.

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Health Fairs

We can set up an informational table where employees fill out health stress surveys and self tests for nerve damage and postural problems. The doctor then goes over the surveys and answers any health questions the employee may have. We then offer the employee a half off voucher for the first visit if necessary. We accept all PPOs but don't know the exact benefits until we check them. We currently do not accept Kaiser, Medical, Medicare or any HMOs. We do offer a discounted cash rate for those employees that may have those insurances and do not have benefits with our offices.

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Workshops Offered

Stress Workshop: How to Prevent the Silent Killer

This involves recognizing what is the difference between good stress and bad stress and solutions on how to eliminate or deal with stress in a healthy way.

Nutrition for Performance

This involves a workshop that details the do's and don'ts of a nutrition program meant to keep inflammation low and mental acuity high to increase performance in the workplace. We will talk about the top misconceptions of a healthy diet and common conditions, such as heart disease, diabetes, obesity, what medications are taken for each and how to use nutrition to get off said medications and back to optimal health.

If interested, companies can elect to order blood work for their employees and one on one consulting and meal planning will be available to those employees with any outstanding conditions they would like to address.

Preventing Injuries in the Workplace

Workshop is about preventing injuries in the workplace. This will detail certain sitting/standing positions, how to prevent ligamentous damage and workplace injuries such as carpal tunnel, headaches, upper back neck and tension, low back pain and more. Walk through of certain exercises for each common conditions and how to use the workplace to your advantage to reverse and improve each of these conditions.

Other workshop topics:

  • Natural Solutions For Chronic Back and Neck Pain
  • Sports Injuries: Causes, Prevention's, Cures
  • Good Posture = Good Health (Interactive Posture Scans)

Any of the workshop presentations listed above can be tailored from 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on the needs of the company and size of the workplace.

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Ergonomic Set Up/Evaluation

Hands on evaluation of the workplace for any amount of employees from 1-300. Personalized history of each employee, detailing problems or pain and how to set up the workplace to reduce strain for each employee. Most ergonomic assessments are cookie cutter programs with the specialists not being doctors therefore are unable to diagnose health conditions that chiropractors can. With a thorough history and exam, we are able to customize the workplace, correct the issue causing the pain or discomfort and provide instructions for each employee. If needed, personal equipment (mouse, monitor, desk, and chair) for each employee will be highlighted. Follow up in roughly 30 days and is included.

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Chiropractic Care on Site

The highly skilled doctors of SF Custom Chiropractic can come on site and provide the leading-edge care designed to offer restorative, long-term sustainable solutions to employee's ailments. They perform a thorough examination and treatment, alongside a custom rehabilitative exercise program when needed, to help each employee reach their health and performance goals. Minimum company size is 300 employees.

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Scoliosis Screenings/Backpack Fittings

The doctors goes out to local grammar schools to conduct scoliosis screenings and backpack fittings to help out the youth develop healthy back habits.

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