Ergonomic Evaluation

Customize the workplace based on what has and what hasn't been working for your employees. Create an ergonomic environment while combatting underlying health issues that deter employee satisfaction and productivity.


Each employee receives a 15 to 30 minute evaluation with a SFCC chiropractor, each of whom is a Certified Ergonomics Assessment Specialist™. Evaluation includes an assessment of medical history and the employee's work station and habits. The doctor then creates a plan with the employee to overcome any current pain or discomfort by adjusting equipment (e.g., mouse, monitor, desk, and chair) and its organization. A report is then generated to the employer, which makes suggestions based on individual and global review of the company. A follow-up with employees and employer is included, which occurs 30 days after initial appointments.


Proactive vs. reactive. Request an ergonomic evaluation to address old concerns or to prevent new ones. If the office is moving locations or undergoing renovation, take advantage of a full proactive ergonomic set up.
Individual vs. company size. Ergonomic evaluations are most commonly sought out when a few people in the office complain of pain or discomfort. Address these individual concerns, or make the service available to all of your employees as an additional benefit.

The employer is responsible for full payment of our ergonomic evaluation service. For 1-5 ergonomic assessments the cost is $250 an assessment. For more than 5, the cost is $175 an assessment. We highly suggest that each company has no more than 300 employees in order to best serve the majority of the office in a timely manner. With no restraint on time, SFCC is able to service companies of any size. No known injury or medical history is required of employees for evaluation.