Functional Movement Screening

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Functional Movement Screening™ is a quantifiable assessment of necessary functional movements of the entire body to detect bio mechanical faults, muscle imbalances and asymmetries. Depending on the resultant score of the assessment, the certified practitioner will selectively choose a rehabilitation program and movement patterns that eradicate the deficiencies and asymmetrical movement patterns. This optimization decreases the risk of injury, reduces biomechanical pain and improves the threshold for peak performance of an athlete.

Many competitive athletes and sports teams use this screening to help assess their range of movement and identify which types of exercises may lead to injury for the individual. The rehabilitation program provided by the certified practitioner is tailored for each individual to help achieve their optimal function. While this screening has been used for competitive athletes, it is also beneficial for active individuals.

While performing the screening, patients are advised to bring athletic wear. This will allow them to perform the series of functional movements comfortably and can allow the certified practitioner to accurately assess the patient's performance on the screening.

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