Deep Tissue Massage

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This particular type of massage therapy focuses on realigning muscles and connective tissues. It is particularly helpful for people that have chronic tightness and stiffness. When chronic muscle tension or injury is present adhesions are formed in the muscle tissues, tendons and ligaments. Adhesions can inhibit circulation, limit movement and cause pain. Deep tissue massage works to break down these adhesions and restore movement.

When deep tissue massage is paired with chiropractic care, the benefits are terrific. This approach allows your chiropractor and massage therapist to discuss your problems and symptoms so that they can both approach the issue. Your chiropractor can focus on the structural misalignments while your massage therapist can target the muscle adhesions. This allows for maximal rehabilitation.

About Our Massage Therapists

Beth Binegar

Beth is a licensed massage therapist at SF Custom Chiropractic. A graduate of the San Francisco School of Massage in multiple modalities, including Zen Shiatsu and Basic Lymphatic Massage, Beth remains an active member of the school, assisting in the instruction of students in the Advanced Massage program. Beth performs integrative massage with an emphasis on intent, patience, and effective deep tissue work. She enjoys working with athletes of all levels, whether beginner or professional, with specific focus on deep tissue and sports massage. As a massage therapist, and an avid long distance runner, Beth wants to consistently use her practical knowledge and techniques to assist clients in getting the most out of their training and their life. Techniques that increase flexibility, improve circulation, release adhesions, alleviate muscle pain, and promote relaxation for an athlete to maintain optimal performance.

Zhaowei “Way”

Zhaowei “Way” He is a CMT with 600 hours of training from the San Francisco School of Massage and Bodywork, specializing in Integration. He incorporates a variety of styles that he tailors to the specific needs of his client, including deep tissue, Swedish, deep Swedish and stretching techniques, in order to improve healing and alleviate pain.

His strong passion for his work ensures that his clients’ needs are always his first and foremost in each and every session. He strives to help his clients release muscle tension, increase joint mobility and maintain health and wellness.

Alaina Kaufman

Alaina Kaufman is a CMT with 1350 hours of training from the National Holistic Institute, specializing in Neuromuscular Techniques and Trigger Point Therapy. Alaina incorporates a blend of restorative styles that she tailors to the specific needs of the client, optimizing healing and relief from pain.

Outside of the office she enjoys getting outside and hiking in the Bay Area, skiing, yoga, spin, meditation, writing, dancing, and belting out Aretha Franklin at karaoke whenever she gets the chance.

Virginia O’Hanlon

Virginia is a CA licensed massage therapist and graduate of the McKinnon School of Massage. After receiving her massage certification she went on to become a CA licensed physical therapy assistant which she practiced for 20 years treating patients with soft tissue mobilization and therapeutic exercise.

Working in outpatient orthopedic clinics she gained a lot of knowledge and experience with many types of conditions and injuries including spinal problems, upper extremity overuse, post-op and sports injuries. During her time as a PT professional, she completed many continuing education classes in soft tissue mobilization, PNF, cranial-sacral and osteopathic techniques.

Call (415) 788-8700 to schedule your Deep Tissue Massage. As a reminder, the total amount for the services scheduled with the massage will be charged in full for clients who "no-show" or fail to cancel their appointment within a 24-hour time period.