Deep Tissue Massage

This particular type of massage therapy focuses on realigning muscles and connective tissues. It is particularly helpful for people that have chronic tightness and stiffness, ideal for sports massage sessions. When chronic muscle tension or injury is present adhesions are formed in the muscle tissues, tendons, and ligaments. Adhesions can inhibit circulation, limit movement, and cause pain. Deep tissue massage works to break down these adhesions and restore movement.

Deep Tissue Massage | SF Custom Chiropractic


When deep tissue massage is paired with chiropractic care, the benefits are terrific. This approach allows your chiropractor and massage therapist to discuss your problems and symptoms so that they can both approach the issue. Your chiropractor can focus on the structural misalignments while your massage therapist can target the muscle adhesions. This allows for maximal rehabilitation to result from deep tissue massages and you can expect to feel relief from your pain within days.



Beth Binegar

Beth Binegar trained at the San Francisco School of Massage in multiple modalities, Beth specializes in Advanced Deep Tissue and Myofascial Release. She is an avid runner, sometimes golfer, and enthusiastic thru-hiker.

Johnny Vargas

Johnny graduated National Holistic Institute in 2012 and is licensed by the California Massage Therapy Council. He specializes in results-oriented bodywork that incorporates Deep Tissue, Sports Massage, Myofascial release, and Trigger point work, utilizing each modality and tailoring everything into a flow to what the client’s needs are.

Ryan Magner

Ryan Magner graduated from the San Francisco School of Massage and specializes in deep tissue, trigger point, and sports massage. His goal is to get you moving again without pain. His approach is clinical and grounded, utilizing communication with clients to maximize results.

TJ Fisher

TJ finished an Occupational Health Degree, with honors, and 1200 hours of massage training at IBMC in Cheyenne, Wyoming. He got his Chiropractor’s Aide License out of Colorado and prides himself on finding each person’s unique Issue. With 13 years of experience, he is a student of life and practices with only one Label: Therapeutic Massage.

Dominic Jefferies

Dominic believes in catering each massage to the individual. He’s trained in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Shiatsu, and Acupressure, but he’s mostly received requests for Deep Tissue since he graduated from McKinnon Institute in 2019. He does both focus work and full body massage, meaning that he can either spend the time working on specific parts of the body if there are more than one that needs attention or work on the full body for a general feeling of relaxation. He’s trained to work with multiple body types ranging from professional athletes to people with limited mobility. 

Melissa Eller

Melissa is a 2004 graduate of the National Holistic Institute and is licensed by the California Massage Therapy Council. Her modalities include deep-tissue and sports massage, utilizing her knowledge of acupressure to give a precise approach to pain relief.


Call (415) 788-8700 to schedule your Deep Tissue Massage. As a reminder, the total amount for the services scheduled with the massage will be charged in full for clients who “no-show” or fail to cancel their appointment within a 24-hour time period. We also offer facials to alleviate pain from the face and head area.


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