Yoga Poses for Hip Pain Relief

Yoga Poses for Hip Pain Relief | SF Custom Chiropractic

Yoga is one of the best ways to help with hip pain because this practice focuses a lot on realigning every part of the body to where they should be. The spine, hips, ribcage, and every part of your body need to be stretched the right way, and Yoga focuses highly on engaging the right muscles to be in their best shape. At SF Custom Chiropractic, we highly recommend the following Yoga poses because they are specifically for providing hip pain relief.

Child’s Pose

This pose is known for giving the body a rest in between the more difficult poses, but it helps open the hips slowly and naturally. Child’s pose involves kneeling on your mat with your big toes touching together. Simply place your bottom on your calves as you lean your entire body forward with your arms stretched out in front of you. Breathe into your hips to get that stretch but take it slow.

Butterfly Pose

The Butterfly pose involves sitting upright with your feet almost in a criss-cross applesauce position but with your bare feet touching each other. This opens the legs, expands the hips, and loosens the tight muscles that surround the hamstrings. You can also do the butterfly pose while laying down. Simply leave your feet in the same position and lean your body backward so your back is nearly flat on the ground.

Downward Facing Frog

This pose can be a little daunting at first because it puts you in a position that doesn’t seem natural at first. Begin on all fours on your mat. Slowly walk your knees out and turn your feet out as well. Move your hands so your elbows so your forearms are laying flat on the mat. Continue to open your legs further if you feel comfortable, but the key is to be slow. Feel that expansion in your hips and groin.

Pigeon Pose

The pigeon pose is helpful for many reasons including practicing proper posture, relieving hip pain, and uses core strength. From all fours, bring your left knee toward your left wrist and lay your leg down so that your ankles is more in the center of your body. Straighten your right leg and adjust your body to your comfort level. Make sure your spine is in a neutral position. 

Receive Professional Chiropractic Care With Our Team

Try some of these poses out to see if they help. Here at SF Custom Chiropractic, we can help you by creating a tailored program for your specific needs. You can venture to use these poses on your own, or you can work with a chiropractor in our office and get individualized attention. Your pain and your needs will be addressed. We have a team of experts providing excellent chiropractic care ensuring that we get your body moving in the right direction.

You can experience true hip pain relief when you work with our team. You will work with a chiropractor who will dive deep into your main issues so that your pain is addressed from every angle.


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