Backpack Awareness: Safety Tips and Care

Backpack awareness has become an essential topic of conversation at schools, at home, and amongst parents. Unsurprisingly, backpack awareness has stemmed from long-term concerns about the dangers of back pain and more acute problems, including spinal injuries and even long-term problems of the body. This article will discuss what backpack safety means, the importance of backpack awareness, and the amount of weight a kid should carry in their backpack.

What is Backpack Safety?

A backpack is any bag with shoulder straps that can carry books and supplies. Backpack safety can be referred to as measures taken to care for and protect the health of your child. It covers a wide range of topics from proper usage to ergonomic design, proper fit, and durability.

5 Reasons Why is Backpack Awareness Important?

It’s essential to know how to care for your child’s back with it comes to backpacks. The way your child wears their backpack could impact their overall health. Here are 5 reasons why backpack awareness is important:

1. Helps to address a community concern

In the past few years, backpack safety has grown in popularity to the point where it has become a significant concern amongst parents and schools. It is one of the leading causes of back injuries among children. As backpack safety becomes more popular, it helps address a community concern.

2. Builds resilience and improves health

Backpack Safety can help build resilience and improve overall health. Parents had reported that their children’s headaches stopped when they started to carry lighter-weight backpacks on their shoulders.

3. Improves posture and body mechanics

By engaging in backpack safety practices and exercises, children are more aware of how they carry themselves. They learn to engage in proper shoulder and back posture, which can lessen potential damage to the body and increase mobility.

4. Helps prevent injury

Backpack awareness teaches children how to pack their backpacks properly, so they are not overloading their back, waist, or shoulders. This lightens the weight their back carries which can help prevent injury.

5. Bonus: Improves self-esteem

Backpacks often have logos and designs, making them a focal point during the school day and at recess. Help your child to pick out a backpack that makes them feel good and confident while you educate them on the proper way to wear and load the backpack.

7 Safety Tips

  1. Always use both shoulder straps when wearing the backpack.
  2. Don’t let the bottom of the backpack go below the waist.
  3. Don’t let a gap between the back and the backpack.
  4. The heaviest item in the backpack should be closest to the spine.
  5. Encourage your child to tell you about any back pain or discomfort in arms or legs.
  6. See if they struggle to put on and take off the backpack. If the backpack is too heavy, have them try holding some books in their arms to remove some weight from the pack.
  7. Talk to the school about lightening the load. Team up with other parents to encourage changes.

How Much Weight Should Kids Carry in their Backpack?

A general rule for backpack safety is that kids should carry no more than 10% of their body weight. If a child weighs 100 pounds, their backpack shouldn’t weigh more than 10 pounds. When purchasing a backpack, there are usually recommended weight limits sewn into the bag’s seams. 

Help your Child Prevent Back Pain

Back pain that occurs among students can be prevented. The best ways to do this is with information for: proper backpack alignment, understanding appropriate weights, and awareness of proper posture. If detected early, posture imbalances can be reduced or eliminated through holistic treatments like chiropractic care. If you have any questions about fitting your child’s backpack or for a spinal assessment, give us a call today (415) 521-3073!
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