Why You Should Consider Active Release Technique for Your Hip Pain

Hips don’t lie. Especially when they are in pain. Your hip joint is one of the most complex joints in your body. This joint is capable of a wide range of motion allowing you to perform basic movements and improve your performance. If you are experiencing any discomfort, tightness, or pain in your hips, we can help. Learn out how Active Release Technique can treat your hip pain.

What is Active Release Technique?

Active Release Technique or ART, is a soft tissue treatment that combines releasing adhesions, scar tissue and dysfunction and improving movement. The goal of this treatment is to break up scar tissue in your body, more specifically the areas that are tight or are in pain. When the scar tissue is broken up, it helps to reestablish proper motion between your muscles and the fascia. This method is used on patients who have or have had sports injuries, chronic pain, and injuries due to overuse.

How Does ART Treat Hip Pain?

Hip pain is common but should never be ignored. When our chiropractors are at work, they will use ART and other chiropractic methods to treat your hip pain. Hip treatment consists of finding the tension, locating those tight and tender spots and releasing the tension. If you workout and also lift weights often, you can probably vouch for getting tight hips. If you sit down all day, you are more likely to have tight hip flexors that ART can help loosen up. We have seen ART treat a wide variety of hip injuries, including hip impingement. When you combine a strength and stretching program, your hip pain will be on a road to recovery.

Get Moving with ART in San Francisco 

We are firm believers that no one should be living in pain. ART offers many benefits including increased flexibility, a decrease in pain, and relief of tension in your body. Our specialists often create your custom treatment plan to include ART, chiropractic, and deep tissue massage therapy . Contact us if you are are having chronic or acute pain in your hips.