Why Golfers Have Low Back Pain: Top San Francisco Chiropractor Explains

why do golfers have low back pain? SF Custom ChiropracticGolfers of all levels, if you have low back pain or want to prevent having low back pain, this post is for you. Low back pain in golfers is one of the most common ailments in the sport. Like all types of sports injuries , there are symptoms, preventions and recovery methods to help you get back to your passion. An important part of golf, any golfer will tell you, is your swing. There is thoracic rotation, lumbar rotation and hip rotation that are involved with the a golf swing.  If you can’t to any of these three movements well then it will lead to more stress and wear and tear to discs and muscles of the the back. Keeping these in check will help you prevent low back pain and keep you playing longer.

How can golfers prevent low back pain?

Staying generally healthy inside and out will help you prevent any type of injury but pay a little more attention to following tips specifically for golfers.

  1. Core Strength – Did you know that you use your core when you golf? Of course you did, every golfer knows that, so make sure to take some time strengthen that trunk which will help prevent low back injury. Planks are always a good choice.
  2. Thoracic  Mobility Thoracic mobility especially rotation is key to help keep your low back from over working.  Using a foam roller or doing this mobility exercise can help.
  3. Stretch Your Hip You also know that your hips help you stay on your game. Incorporate some hip stretches to make sure you are working on your internal rotation range of motion. A stiff movement could end up being the culprit of an injury. Hip Drivers will help do the trick.
  4. Chiropractic Care  We know from experience that golf and chiropractic care is a natural pairing. Chiropractic care for your body means making sure that all of the MANY muscles that you need to help you with your game are healthy, aligned, and ready for you use.

Why is pain management important for golfers with low back pain?

We cannot stress enough that seeing a professional for any chronic issue is in your best interest. There are ways of managing pain and relieving it that don’t require a prescription, just some TLC. Using a back brace may just be the support you need to help relieve your low back pain or coming in and seeing us for a massage or an ART (Active Release Technique) treatment

When is it time to see a chiropractor for low pack pain?

You may think that this problem will go away in time or after a few days of rest but if not, it may be time to come in and see us for a chiropractic appointment. Even if you think there could be a small injury, we can help you recover stronger. Come see us when…

  • Rest is no longer working
  • It’s been going on longer than expected
  • Experiencing back pain at the end of a front nine

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