Who Should I See for Leg Pain Treatment?

 Who Should I See for Leg Pain Treatment? | SF Custom Chiropractic

The simple answer is a chiropractor.  They can assess a differential diagnosis of what is going on. Chiropractors are experts in musculoskeletal conditions.  A chiropractor can determine what is the cause and the best course of care. Studies have shown that chiropractic approach to pain will not only help alleviate pain but reduce your risk of injuries in the future in the treated part of the body as well. Our chiropractic clinic has brought together the results of a wide range of research in this area to create a plan tailored to specific individuals and one that can be incorporated into your busy life on a regular basis.

Why Am I Experiencing Leg Pain?

There are many different reasons why someone would suffer from lower leg pain. People who exercise a lot can suffer from this pain due to strained muscles, wear and tear or overuse. Common among athletes are sports injuries. Some types of lower leg pain may be due to injuries to the ligaments, soft tissues, and tendons. Poor circulation of blood, blood clots, and underlying health issues can also be the cause of this pain. Pain in the leg can be nerve pain coming from the low back as well. Chiropractic is about gently exerting pressure on the body to relieve stress and relax muscles. Perhaps the most reassuring part of this approach is that it doesn’t involve knives, scissors or other surgery tools. Unlike other medical techniques that have failed to cure lower leg pain, on this plan you are utilizing the power of natural healing which means the chances of cure through your body’s own ability to cure are high.

What Leg Pain Treatments Can Look Like

A reliable leg pain treatment service like ours is aimed to diagnose and determine the actual reason for the pain and devise a plan that will help reduce the pain as well as eliminate it completely. Our patients will have a custom treatment plan that may include a combination of services like chiropractic adjustments, ART (Active Release Technique), Graston, deep tissue massage, laser therapy . The results of our treatment plans help patients return to their lifestyle pain-free and often stronger than before.

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Far from being just another trend, the chiropractic approach is a new way of thinking about your health and a natural lifestyle choice that can transform your life for good. We have several people who have started to successfully attend our clinics and think these sessions have helped them tremendously in not only managing their pain but keeping it at bay. Others have followed the recommendations of our professional chiropractors and radically changed their attitude towards health. They feel more energetic and able to handle day to day activities. 

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