What to Look for in a Premier Chiropractic Clinic

What to Look for in a Premier Chiropractic Clinic | SF Custom Chiropractic

There is no question that the type of chiropractic clinics you look for can vary in terms of quality. Many clinics offer a variety of services, have extensive qualifications, and offer an array of treatment modalities.
So, how can you find a premier chiropractic clinic that can expertly take care of your needs? Here are some thoughts. 

Look for Qualifications

There is no question that your chiropractor should be properly trained. This means that they have a background in science and chiropractic care and that they are currently licensed by California. You should always search the license database of your state to ensure that this is the case.  For extra care, you can look and see if there are any disciplinary marks against that chiropractor.
However, if you’re truly looking for a premier chiropractic clinic, you should look for more. What other areas, besides the bare minimum, is your chiropractor certified in? Do they do more than just adjust or treat the spine? Also, do they comanage with other therapists that can give massages? Acupuncture? Nutritional advice? The best chiropractors are capable of doing more than just adjustments and have training in a variety of modalities that can help you. Results last longer when the whole body is addressed, not just the misalignment. Make sure your chiropractor is able to give you more than just a “normal” experience.

What Treatments Do They Offer?

Chiropractic care can unquestionably be a huge help to individuals who are in pain. However, for many, chiropractic care is only one piece of the puzzle. A good chiropractor is smart enough to recognize that other treatment modalities can complement the work of the chiropractic adjustment, after all, muscles attach to joints in the body and if they are not addressed then the adjustment won’t hold very long. At SF Custom Chiropractic we incorporate ART and exercises with all treatments. 
This leads to another question: What other treatments does your chiropractor offer? If they do not directly offer any other treatments, do they have a network of providers or services that they can refer you to? What are their views on other forms of alternative medicine, or more traditional medicine? These are important questions that can impact the care you receive.

What Are Their Reviews?

Finding a chiropractor who has positive reviews is important, as individual responses to a chiropractor can help you determine if they would be a good fit for you. To be clear, one or two negative reviews should not stop you from visiting a service – no one is perfect. However, if you have a chiropractor that has dozens or hundreds of positive reviews, this should help give you faith that they will treat you well.
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