What is the Difference Between ART & Graston Technique (IASTM)?

The purpose behind both A.R.T (active release Technique) and Graston techniques is to aid recovery of a soft tissue injury by breaking up adhesions in tight muscles, ligaments, or tendons which will speed the healing of an injury. Common injury tears that cause adhesion or fibrous to develop are in muscles, tendons, and ligaments. These types of injuries occur mostly in athletes and if you have ever had a sports injury, you will most likely benefit from these techniques. When your body gets injured and isn’t given enough rest or time to heal properly it creates adhesion or also known as dense scar tissue, to protect the muscles in that area. It actually becomes weaker and the overall health of that muscle is compromised. You could experience more pain, a loss of strength, or a reduced range of motion. Either of these two techniques helps work through that tough scar tissue to realign the fibers and help your body finally heal your injury properly.

Graston Technique (Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization: IASTM)

The Graston Technique is the more aggressive approach to break up dense scar tissue. As we age that tissue becomes stronger and needs a little more elbow grease than your average massage. This technique uses a tool designed to break up these tissue fibers and increase fascial mobility. These tools help professional locate the exact areas that need help and are used with specific movements to target the dense tissue. This technique is more commonly used for postoperative, chronic dense tissue, and tendinopathy.

Active Release Technique (ART)

Active Release Technique is the most common technique for treating soft tissue injuries. It is highly important that this technique is used by a certified practitioner who understands the nature of the injuries and has experience working with those with similar conditions. Our doctors use ART to work through that dense tissue to help restore motion throughout the injured area. ART is also used for chronic pain and problems, overuse, and postoperative cases.

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Sports Chiropractic

It is important to take care of your body especially if you are an athlete. Here are a few injury prevention tips.

  1. Proper stretching.
  2. Take the time to warm up.
  3. Wear the right gear like knee compression or arm sleeves .

Chiropractic care for sports is necessary for soft tissue recovery. The body naturally heals, however, sometimes it may not heal injuries properly. That’s what we are here for. To help your body heal properly, safely, and stronger.

SF Custom Chiropractic doctors have treated athletes of all sports. Contact us for more information or to schedule an appointment for ART or for any chiropractic treatment at one of our San Francisco Bay Area clinics.


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