What Causes Herniated Discs?

Pain caused by herniated discs may seem to suddenly occur, however, it is usually coming from a process over time. The best way to treat herniated discs is to find the cause or source of the ruptured or slipped disc. Once your doctor understands the nature of your herniated disc they will be able to treat it appropriately. Your spinal discs protect your spinal cord and provide flexibility to the spine. They help you to move your head smoothly and give you proper range of motion. The most common herniated discs occur in the lower back and you may experience the low back pain and pain down your legs, some occur in the neck causing pain in the neck that can travel down your arms, and fewer occur in the chest. Herniated discs don’t happen overnight, here are some cause of herniated discs.  

Cause of Herniated Discs: Wear & Tear

Daily wear and tear on any ligament or part of the body can lead to pain. Also known as Degenerative Discs, our spinal discs can become worn out over time causing our spine to be weak and also become prone to injury. Usually it is the repetitive motions of flexion (bending forward) and twisting that cause the most wear and tear on the disc.  Don’t forget that our backs distribute and carry our entire weight all the time.

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Cause of Herniated Discs: Injury To The Spine

A sudden injury like a car accident or even lifting a heavy object the wrong way can cause herniated discs. Sudden jerking movements or any movements that cause too much pressure on your discs will lead to that slipped or torn disc. This type of trauma can also easily cause herniated discs if they are degenerative and have been worn down.

Cause of Herniated Discs: Poor Health & Weight

We are always advocates for maintaining a healthy weight and keeping up with good nutrition. And yes, this also goes hand in hand with a healthy spine. Poor nutrition firstly, can lead to weight gain and that added weight can cause wear and tear on the discs at a faster pace, and secondly, poor nutrition means that your spine is not getting the proper nutrition to remain strong and healthy.

Pain Relief & Prevention of Herniated Discs

There’s no doubt that proper posture and spinal alignment should be a part of your daily life for a healthy spine. Keep your weight and nutrition in check and add daily back stretches and exercises instructed by an expert trainer, physical therapist or chiropractor can help protect your back and prevent injuries. Lumbar support braces, and ice are helpful for acute pain.  It was a herniated disc injury that lead Dr. Jacobs into the chiropractic profession, so he knows what it takes to get healed.  

Contact the wonderful doctors and staff at SF Custom Chiropractic to talk about your pain and your options for treating herniated discs.


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