Weight lifting IS for Females!

Weight lifting for WomenMany women believe that lifting weights will make them big and bulky and they do not want any of that. But, WRONG! Lifting weights is actually beneficial for women and will not make you big and bulky. You will not end up looking like a guy just because you lift weights.

Here are reasons why you should lift:

  1. Weight Loss – If you’re already working out trying to achieve your ideal body, it’s not just about the running. With weight lifting you lose more fat and gain muscle which helps your body “tighten” up. Weight lifting requires more oxygen and has a higher caloric expenditure which all helps increase your metabolic rate. What that means is that it speeds up your metabolism to digest the food you eat.
  2. Bone Health – As people age, bone begins to deteriorate and many problems arise. These problems can lead to the risk of fractures to increase. Resistance training helps strengthen bones. The way a female is built, her legs already do not support her body as well as the male counterpart and resistance training can help strengthen the bones to help support the rest of the body.
  3. Relieve Stress and Be Happier – Yes working out alone already helps take your mind off a stressful day and make you happier. As you are on the way to achieving a healthier body, that alone makes you happy already. However it is actually chemically and scientifically proven that working out will make you happier because when you work out you automatically release endorphins, these are what contributes to your happiness as well.
  4. Happy Heart – Weight lifting can help improve cardiovascular health! It helps lower LDL cholesterol, the bad one and increase HDL cholesterol, the good one. It will also help lower blood pressure. With weight lifting lowering the bad and increasing the good, many cardiovascular disease risk already decrease.

Moral of the story? Women, men, lift weights! For the females, lifting weights will not make you bulky or manly but instead it will tone your body into shape. If you ever have any questions regarding lifting, the chiropractors are SF Custom Chiropractic can help you evaluate your forms for your exercises so you don’t get injured!  

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