Weather & Joint Pain: Tips for Colder Weather

If your joints hurt when the weather changes, you’re not alone. It’s not uncommon to feel increased pain in your joints when it gets colder or when the barometric levels change. 

Scientists don’t yet understand why a correlation between weather change and joint pain exists. People commonly point to the increase in joint pain to changes in the weather. Some doctors think this is because their patients have to slow down on rainy or colder days, and have more time to notice the pain. While some research on the connection between barometric pressure and joint pain continues, we still don’t know why this phenomenon occurs. What we all are thinking, there has to be some correlation, even if it is as simple as our bodies slowing down due to the cold.

The Weather and Joint Pain

Barometric pressure is the pressure of the air around us. While barometric pressure seems to affect our joints, additional factors also occur. Bad weather, increased humidity, rain or snow, and temperature changes also happen when the barometric pressure changes. One theory is that those pressure changes may cause tendons and muscles to expand and contract to lead to pain in joints affected by arthritis. Also, with lower temperatures, the fluid inside our joints can slightly thicken feeling stiffer in our movements.

Studies sometimes showed that people felt more pain in their joints when the barometric pressure was dropping. Alternately, other individuals felt increased joint discomfort when the barometric pressure got higher.

If you live in an area that experiences extremes in weather, you might move less when it’s very hot or very cold outside. This weather and joint pain occur at the same time because you move around less, and your muscles get tighter.

Prevent Joint Pain

Some arthritis patients go so far as to move to warmer climates to prevent joint pain due to cold weather. But not everyone can or wants to move. We get it, we love SF too! And, warm weather doesn’t always cure joint pain. So, how can you prevent joint pain? One way to greatly reduce or prevent this pain remains to see a chiropractor. 

Chiropractic Alignments and Massage Therapy

Chiropractic alignments and massage therapy work in tandem when it comes to relieving pain and stress in your body. Have a soothing, relaxing massage therapy session by one of our massage therapists to work stress and discomfort from your muscles and assist you in feeling better. After a massage, your body also becomes ready to easily move during an adjustment.

Joints throughout the body can become misaligned. This misalignment causes muscles and nerve endings to become irritated and inflamed. Add that to an existing diagnosis of arthritis, and you have a painful situation on your hands. Our skilled chiropractors can diagnose your misalignments and use gentle chiropractic methods, to realign your spine and set you on a path of balanced wellness.

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