Different Types Of Headaches: Explained By A Chiropractor

Different Types Of Headaches: Explained By A Chiropractor | types of headaches | SF Custom Chiropractic
Tens of millions of Americans suffer from headaches on a daily basis, and for some, this pain can be genuinely excruciating and rehabilitating. It is vitally important that people who are suffering from regular headaches find headache relief as soon as possible. That being said, there is not a one-size, fits-all model of headaches. Indeed, there are many different types of headaches and options for headache relief treatment

Here’s an overview of the various types of headaches you can suffer from, and how you can find relief.

Tension Headaches

Even if you never suffer from headaches, you may find that you get a tension headache every now and then. These types of headaches are, as the name implies, caused by tension and stress in your everyday life which cause the muscles in back of your head to contract irritating nerves and blood flow to the head. They can be felt as a tenderness or sensitivity, and often radiate into other places, like your neck, upper shoulders, or back. They respond best with chiropractic treatment and can be prevented by lifestyle changes or relaxation exercises, such as a quick massage or meditation. 


Migraines are a reality of life for close to forty million people in the United States. They often come in phases, including a prodrome and postdrome, and can be debilitating for days. In addition to the pain that is exacerbated by movement and light, migraines can also cause an array of other symptoms, including tiredness, fatigue, confusion, nausea, and more. Common causes of migraines are chemical and hormonal imbalances.  Migraines can occur out of the blue and are often not completely understood, but those who suffer from them are often desperate for relief. 

Exertion Headaches

These are headaches that occur after an extended period of physical exertion, athletes are more prone to experience this type of headache. This exertion can come from a variety of sources, including intense exercise, movement, and more. This occurs as a result of intense blood flow to your head and can feel like a throbbing in your temples. Thankfully, though painful and inconvenient, these headaches are usually not terribly long-lasting and will disappear after a few hours. You should see your doctor if they do not resolve on their own. 

Headache Relief with Chiropractic Care

If you find yourself in need of headache relief, chiropractic for headaches may be an excellent approach. Chiropractic is about more than just addressing the symptom of the pain, and when done in conjunction with your medical doctor, chiropractic for headaches can be an excellent way of addressing the root cause of your pain. Schedule an appointment or give us a call (415) 521-3073 to answer any questions you may have.


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