Treatment for a Stiff Neck in San Francisco & Tips for Better Sleeping Habits

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We have all been there before where we wake up with some level of neck pain. There can be many factors that cause neck pain and waking up with a stiff neck. There are some factors we can’t control like herniated discs , arthritis and simple aging. However, we can control how we lay our head and what healthy habits we adopt for sleeping.

What Can Cause a Stiff Neck When Sleeping?

When you are sleeping, your body is trying to relax and recover in the position you put it in. Your head or neck might slip into an awkward angle when you sleep. This can cause strain in your neck leaving you with an ache when you wake. If you are an active sleeper, you might experience sudden movements that can actually strain or sprain the muscles in your neck. Injuries can also be a cause of improper positioning when you sleep. Ultimately, if you wake up with a stiff neck, it was caused by a strain on your muscles, ligaments, and joints. At this point, take care of yourself with home remedies for minor cases. Try hot and cold therapy to relax your neck and improve your mobility.

Sleeping Tips to Avoid a Stiff Neck:

  • Re-evaluate your sleeping position: is your neck in alignment with you spine
  • Find the right pillow – Try a neck support pillow
  • Consider the temperature in your room
  • Avoid sleeping on your stomach
  • Stretch your neck before bed

Treat a Stiff Neck & Sleep Better with Chiropractic Adjustments from San Francisco Custom Chiropractic

Getting regular chiropractic adjustments are not only conducive to improved health they are extremely beneficial to help treat stiff neck and any other kind of neck pain you may be experiencing.

Book Treatment for a Stiff Neck at San Francisco Custom Chiropractic

Our chiropractors will restore balance to your entire body not just your neck and pain area. Contact our offices to schedule your next appointment if you wake up with a stiff neck or any kind of pain. We are here to help!

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