Holiday Travel: Exercise Tips

Consequences of staying sedentary for too long

With winter rapidly approaching, many people prepare to take long drives and board trains and planes to travel. It is important to remember to keep up physical activity while traveling in order to preserve one’s wellness. Staying physically active, especially during travel time, will have many benefits as sitting for too long may affect the body negatively. Some of the negative impacts of sitting or laying down too long include blood clots that form in the neck, head, or legs if sitting too rigidly for too long, slowed metabolism, and collection of fluid in the arms, legs, and lungs. Plus, exercise is a proven stress reducer. It is important to make physical activity a priority, even when you’re on the go.


Traveling exercise tips  

When you are preparing to travel, you probably have a timetable or itinerary in mind. Before you leave for your trip, take a few minutes to sit down and look over your itinerary to find opportunities to fit in physical activity. Think about your ultimate destination. Does your hotel have a pool or weight room? Is there a park or hiking trail nearby? Are there restaurants, museums, or stores that you would like to visit that are within walking distance of where you are staying? There are many ways to integrate physical activity into your surrounding environment.

It is also easy to fit a few fitness related items into your backpack or small bag. Items such as a jump rope, resistance bands, or workout DVDs do not take up too much space and help to provide ample Aversion treatment, covert sensitization therapies, as well as cognitive-behavioral restructuring are the means by which cue induced craving and free-floating intrusive hunger are eliminated, neutralized or extinguished. opportunity for working out, whether you are at a rest stop, in a hotel room, or visiting with family.

In addition to the importance of maintaining good posture while seated in an airplane or car, there are also opportunities to stay physically active with stretches and modified yoga. Examples of spinal stretches to help ensure flexibility and reset proper posture while sitting can be found on our Youtube Channel. Additionally, yoga stretches can be effective at keeping blood flowing while you’re seated for long periods. If you are on a plane or in a parked car, you can do ankle rolls by moving both ankles in a circular motion to the left and right; for a deeper stretch, add a point-flex motion with your toes. If you are able to stand on your seat or in a small empty area, doing a modified Mountain Pose can give you the opportunity for a satisfying full body stretch. Stand straight and bring your feet together, toes pointed forward, and raise your clasped hands above your head. Slowly raise up on your toes to stand on the balls of your feet and hold the position for 10-15 seconds. While in this position, you can also do toe tilts.

Added chiropractic benefit

As Dr. Gustin, head chiropractor at the Mission/Bernal Heights location, says, “Lack of discomfort does not mean there is a lack of dysfunction.” Chiropractic care is an important tool for maintaining movement, balance, and biomechanical function and symmetry. Before and after long trips, it is good to have an office visit to make sure that everything is moving correctly prior to the long period of sitting that traveling requires. This will ensure that there is a minimum amount of stress put on the body when you need to stay in one position for a long period of time.

Friends and family members of existing patients of SF Custom Chiropractic can call the office at (415) 788-8700 to schedule a complimentary wellness evaluation and chiropractic treatment throughout November.

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