Top Tips to Get a Better Night’s Sleep

Better SleepIf you are an exercise enthusiast, you already understand that your overall health and well being have an impact on your performance. If you don’t get good sleep you don’t eat well and your workouts or runs will show it; having a bad sleep leads you to not feel the kind of power you need to reach your goals. Of course, even if you are not someone who trains regularly, you notice the impact of lousy sleep. That means that most of us will benefit from some top tips to get a better night’s sleep.

If you exercise, you might feel that your workouts should bring you to bed ready for rest, but not totally wiped out. And that’s fairly accurate; if you are doing it right, you shouldn’t be a walking zombie at bedtime. You should be tired, for sure, but not so exhausted to just collapse into bed. Of course, if you are stuck at a desk all day and don’t work out much, you may find sleep is a bit more difficult to achieve.

So why is it that people from both groups tend to struggle with sleep? Let’s consider our top tips to get a better night’s sleep to discover the answers:

  •  You need more stretching – Before you hit the sack at night, be sure to do some gentle stretching. Do not get vigorous before you try to go to sleep, though, just lengthening all of the muscles and drinking some fresh water will help work out the kinks and let you to rest comfortably without any soreness. This is among the best of our top tips to get a better night’s sleep and is something that works for everyone.
  • Stop – During the day it is common almost anyone to feel tired, and if you feel fatigue, it is right for the body to stop. A 20-minute catnap or rest in a quiet place is one of our top tips to get a better night’s sleep as it may give you what you need to get through the day without over-tiring the mind and body.
  • Drink milk – Feeding the brain with carbs and protein relaxes the entire body, so a glass of milk an hour before you go to bed is going to fuel your sleep.
  • Unplug – The chaos of the digital age can make it hard to disconnect and clear the mind. In other words, don’t bring your smartphone, tablet, laptop or other digital media devices into your bedroom. Just give yourself that mental space and you’ll sleep better.
  • Deep tissue massage – People who work out a lot know about sore muscles, and one of the best ways to recover is through therapeutic massage. No matter your level of exercise or exertion, you will find your sleep enhanced when you help the blood flow and muscles to relax with a regular round of deep tissue massage.

Further top tips to get a better night’s sleep include sleeping in a dark and comfortable room, and keeping up with daily exercise to fatigue the body to just the right level.

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