The Final Stage of Chiropractic Treatments: Maintenance Care

“Why do I need maintenance care? I feel great!” Is probably what you are telling yourself. If you are feeling well, that is great, keep it up. However sometimes life is tough, stress is high or routines change and that is when it is most important to come in for maintenance care before symptoms arise. It is always better to be proactive than reactive. Our bodies need consistent care from healthy eating habits every day, to exercise, and check-ups with the doc.  If you have had damage to your spine or strain to your spine through work or lifestyle choices, regular visits to our chiropractic doctors will be beneficial to you. Maintenance care is the final stage of chiropractic treatments that make sure your spine is healthy, supportive, and sustained. What maintenance care means to us is long-term care for long-term health.

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Is Chiropractic Maintenance Care Right For You?

Our goal, as chiropractors, is to help prevent recurring issues and keep your body aligned. For example people who have low back problems like bulging discs, herniated discs, and thinning discs, often experience recurring issues. Maintenance care will help the back to stay aligned and avoid future flare ups of pain, they will also help slow the onset of degenerative arthritis.

If you had a hard workout or rough day you can also pair these preventative steps with cold compresses to help alleviate low back pain. A successful recovery is highly important for any injury and preventing one from occurring is even better. Athletes who have had any type of sports injury knows that it takes time for that injured area to heal, that is why so many athletes get regular maintenance care when they have no symptoms in order to be proactive and help increase their overall performance.

Benefits of Chiropractic Maintenance Care With SF Custom Chiropractic

Let us take care of your spine. When you come visit us for maintenance care, we are able to improve posture, enhance athletic performance, detect and correct minor misalignments to avoid serious problems with your spine. This type of frequent preventative care will help you stay healthy at home, at work and encourage a pain-free lifestyle. Maintenance care frequency varies between 2 time a month to every 6 weeks all depending on your lifestyle and stresses you regularly experience.  

If you’d like a consultation or for more information about maintenance care, contact us. You can find us in the Financial District and the Mission/Bernal Heights area of San Francisco.

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