Supplementing with Magnesium

Many of us do not get the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) set for vitamins and minerals. For those that regularly consume fruits and vegetables, certain factors can still interfere with optimal absorption. Factors such as current farming practices, processing, and cooking can all limit the bioavailability of vitamins and minerals. At SF Custom Chiropractic, our doctors recommend taking three supplements to support your overall health and maximize your performance, one of which is Magnesium.

Magnesium is a mineral that aids in muscle function and metabolism. It is required by over 80% of our body enzymes and is a critical nutrient in neuromuscular, cardiovascular, immune, and hormone function. Magnesium also aids in protein biosynthesis, which promotes athletic performance and enhanced recovery. This mineral is also critical in maintaining electrolyte balance and reduces fatigue. “Magnesium is an essential mineral that supports over 300 important enzymatic functions in our body, but unfortunately a lot of individuals are not getting enough of it in their diets,” says Dr. Jacobs.

Common food sources of this mineral include dark leafy greens. Magnesium can also be found in oats, nuts, wheat, and beans. However, the latter food sources all contain phytic acid, dubbed as the “anti-nutrient,” that binds to magnesium and preventsupplementing with magnesiums its absorption.  Supplementing with magnesium is often recommended in order to live healthy and maximize athletic performance.  According to Dr. Gustin, “not only is magnesium an important mineral, the source of the supplement matters as well.” The doctors at SF Custom Chiropractic recommends M3, the magnesium supplement carried by PurePharma. The M3 supplement contains magnesium glycinate, the most absorbable form of magnesium. Other supplements contain sulfates or citrates, that although make the compound more stable, the limit the bioavailability of the nutrient.

For more information on the benefits of Magnesium, check out Dr. Gustin’s blog article on The Paleo Fix and his full review of PurePharma M3. Stop by one of our locations to pick a bottle or use the code “PALEOFIX” at PurePharma checkout to receive 10% off of your order.

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