Stay Motivated to Keep a Health Diet


Many benefits of having a healthy diet go unrecognized. Generally, a good diet helps with the following:

  • Preventing diseases and infections
  • Promoting body growth and health
  • Enhancing mental health
  • Maintaining weight (reducing risk of undernutrition or obesity)
  • Contributing to aesthetically pleasing qualities (for example, a glow noticed in hair and skin)

Most recent estimates claim that 36 percent of Americans are obese, according to an article by National Public Radio. However, 75 percent of survey participants said that their diet was excellent. So, where does the discrepancy exist?

Nutritions scholar Marion Nestle at New York University says that Americans just eat too much. Rather than focusing on portion size, people generally pay attention to what they should eat.

What are some realistic ways to maintain a health diet? Positive Health Wellness has supplied its readers with an informative graphic to highlight some ideas that anyone can start as soon as possible.


Find the original site with the graphic here.


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