San Francisco Knee Pain Specialist Answers: Can a Chiropractor Help My Knee Pain?

knee pain specialist in San Francisco

San Francisco, CA

One of the most basic actions you do every single day is bending. From groceries to stairs, to exercises, and even just getting up from your chair. If you have any kind of knee pain, these simple tasks feel harder to do. Any kind of pain can inhibit your daily activities so we recommend you get it looked it as soon as possible.

San Francisco Knee Pain Specialist Explains: Common Knee Pain & Problems 

Our knee is a complex joint that has a very important job of allowing you stand up and sit down with ease. This weight bearing joint can whittle down with time or undergo major damage from trauma.

  • Arthritis – is one common cause of severe knee pain. Our chiropractors treat osteoarthritis with the intention to relieve pain and help the body manage it going forward.
  • Knee Cartilage Tears – can be a cause related to injury in your knee and may require surgery. A chiropractic will be able to assess your pain and determine the best course of action.
  • Knee Ligament Strains – are also common in injuries. Your ligaments connect your thigh bones and your lower leg and can sprain or tear due to great force.

Injuries can happen to anyone. Whether it is from a sports injury, car accident, or any other type of experience than causes you harm, your body is at risk. Knee braces are very popular in helping to relieve pain and helping you get through the day until you visit our office .

San Francisco Knee Pain Specialist Explains: Knee Pain Relief & Treatments 

Don’t let your knee pain get worse. Seek treatment to repair your damage and strengthen your body to heal your pain. When you visit your chiropractor for your consultation or appointment, they will recommend a series of treatments to aid in the natural healing and relief of knee pain. You chiropractor might suggest some of the actions below.

Visit Our San Francisco Knee Pain Specialists at SF Custom Chiro

Our chiropractors are specialists in soft tissue treatments, alignments, and healing the whole body! Give our office a call for more information about how we can help your knee pain.

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