Reduce Stress with Chiropractic Care

stressed woman, relief from chiropractic

There’s no hiding the fact that we all get stressed out sometimes. Whether it is an unforeseen event during your day or maybe something you are thinking about for the future, there are many factors that can cause us stress. As holistic healers of the body, our chiropractors and specialists are focused on reducing the stress of your body and mind.

Stress and Overall Health

Unfortunately, stress has made its way into our daily lives and is one of the most common feelings we express. When we are stressed we often use it as an excuse to choose unhealthy options to help cope. It may be choosing foods that don’t benefit your body and mind, it may be putting off our regular visits to the gym, it may be going back to old habits that are harmful to our system. Whatever it may be, it impacts your overall health no matter what. A big outcome of stress is illness and disease. The important part is how you choose to help relieve that stress and make healthy choices that are beneficial for your overall health.

How does Stress Affect our Nervous System?

When our bodies are faced with stress the autonomic nervous system deploys the infamous “fight or flight” response. We know that this impacts our thoughts and feelings, so here is how our nervous system reacts.

  • A threat to the body is detected
  • The nervous system alerts the body
  • Stress hormones are released from the adrenal cortex
  • Your heart starts to beat faster and harder
  • The cadence of your breathing increases
  • The thyroid gland stimulates the metabolism
  • More oxygen flows through larger muscles

Fight Stress with your Chiropractor

From emotional stress to everyday life, no one should be ignoring signs of stress. While we aren’t able to change your outside and environment stressors, we do offer care of the spine which is the root of your nervous system. The nervous system could be blocked from doing its job to manage stressors.

At SF Custom Chiropractic, we have multiple treatments that work together to restore balance inside and out. Our goal to keep nervous systems health and functioning as best as possible.

Make an appointment to speak with one of our chiropractors, massage therapists, or nutritionist about a custom plan to reduce your stress.

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