Neck Pain Treatment: Should I Use Hot or Cold Compress

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We all have those times where we wake up with a sore or stiff neck. This neck pain is never friendly to us as we go through our day-to-day. When we suffer from neck pain, we sometimes will do almost anything to get pain relief. We are here to help you find natural methods to pain relief and neck pain treatment. A couple of easy at home tips consist of hot and cold application to your pain. These remedies will help with pain relief while you wait to see your chiropractor for further treatment.

Should I Use Ice For Neck Pain?

When you ice your pain or injury, you are minimizing the swelling and reducing inflammation. Alternate between your cold and hot applicators. You can wrap ice in a plastic bag and cover with a small towel and apply it to your neck for only about 20 minutes. Rest without any temperature for about 30-40 minutes then apply your heat. Ice packs or your standard bag of peas can also do the trick. Make sure you wrap whatever is frozen with a towel to protect your skin.

Should I Use Heat For Neck Pain?

Applying heat to your pain or injury can reduce muscle spasms and relaxes your muscles that are in trauma. Apply your heat after you have rested from your cold compress. Heating pads, warm showers, or any other hot compress will suffice. The same rule applies here with wrapping a towel around the direct heat source to prevent your skin from being burned.

Whether you are suffering from whiplash from a car accident, lifted something heavy yesterday, or simply didn’t get a good night sleep, refrain from any strenuous activities while you are recovering.

Get Treatment For Neck Pain in San Francisco Today!

No one should have to experience neck pain. If your neck pain has not improved, give us a call to see our chiropractors for treatment. Our experts will help restore balance in your entire body and create a custom plan to treat your neck pain. SFCC is San Francisco’s top choice for chiropractic care and holistic healing.

Schedule a consultation appointment and get back to living pain-free!

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