Neck Pain: Prevention and Treatment

Neck PainAt the base of your skull, begins the first section of the spine known as the cervical spine.  There are seven delicate bones providing stabilization for the neck, as well as support for the head.  Important functions of the spine include, rotation, flexion, and extension.  It  houses the spinal cord and many nerves.  Blood is present throughout the spinal cord and flows up into the brain from the heart.  Sometimes these muscles supporting the neck can be stressed from injuries or accidents.  Straining the muscles in our neck can cause frequent pain.  For example, whiplash is a common acute injury that can be treated.  These injuries may inhibit full range of motion in the neck and will continue to cause constant pain if not treated. Chiropractors specialize in treating these injuries without a surgical regimen; cervical manipulation is the process performed to patients suffering.  Chiropractors effectively work with their hands to adjust the neck in a swift motion to alleviate pain in the targeted areas.  After adjustments are made, patients most often feel immediate relief.  Only professionally certified chiropractic practitioners should perform cervical manipulation, because the spinal column is very fragile.
Some tips to prevent neck pain: 
Maintaining good posture whether you’re at the dinner table or in the office.
Exercising; Strengthening the abdominal core muscles such as the obliques, abdominal, and upper back muscles to help allow good posture. Here are some neck stretches to possibly help you. 
Meditation to relieve daily stress
People now more than before are reaching out to chiropractors to seek help for many health needs.  If this condition sounds like something YOU need fixed.  Make an appointment with one of our chiropractors at SF custom chiropractic today to start your path to relieving unwanted pain.


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