Myofascial Pain: Treatments you should know!

For all of us, there are many potential causes and reasons behind the pain that we experience. One such example is Myofascial Pain. This is a type of pain that is caused by tightness and soreness that develops in your myofascial tissues. These tissues are a thin membrane of tissue that surrounds your muscles and helps to support them. When they tighten or otherwise malfunction, it can cause pain throughout your body. This pain can be further exacerbated by the fact that the pain doesn’t simply hit one area – instead, it tends to radiate outward, leaving you with a feeling known as referred pain. This can make it feel like entire sections of your body are in pain.

Thankfully, myofascial treatment can help relieve this pain and address the causes behind it. There are many types of treatments that can address this type of pain.

Two great treatment methods to consider: Massage Therapy and Active Release Technique

Here’s why!

Massage Therapy as Myofascial Treatment

A variety of different massage techniques can address these issues. This includes acupressure and trigger point release, which involves massage in a specific area of pain in order to release tight muscles. Deep tissue massage therapy can reduce pain by loosening tight spots and unwinding and loosening muscles. All of this will have the effect of releasing muscle tension, increasing blood flow to the area in pain, and improving movement.

Massages by a licensed therapist come with the benefits of a professional with training on the human body and muscular-skeletal system. They will also have an understanding of how to treat disorders like myofascial pain syndrome.

Active Release Technique as Myofascial Treatment

Myofascial pain or issues are also addressed by certified ART chiropractors. ART, or Active Release Technique, is what addresses soft tissue adhesions, tensions, and those hard knots that happen in myofascial pain. These treatments generally create greater results in a shorter amount of time that other soft tissue therapies. Meaning, you will be healing faster and getting back to your lifestyle that much sooner.

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