Learning How to Stay Fit at Work

Office and desk jobs can really put a crimp in our fitness. In fact, more and more studies

Work Fitness

Work Fitness

are showing that even those who do an hour of exercise each day may be unable to overcome the damages done by remaining seated for hours on end throughout the rest of the workday. So, how to stay fit at work? Even if you don’t have a desk job, your workplace might make it tough to remain as fit or healthy as you want, so we have a few..
Tips to help everyone:

  • Get rid of the chair – While you might think we are about to suggest a standing desk, we aren’t. Standing in one place all day can be just as bad as sitting in one place for a few hours at a time. Instead, get rid of the classic office chair and replace it with an exercise ball. This is something that makes you use your core all day, and you won’t even notice it, and is a top way to learn how to stay fit at work. As you’re constantly adjusting to remain balanced, you continue to challenge your body – doing tiny workouts in the belly, hips, legs and even the arms. There are also  exercises you could be mindful of doing at your convenience as well when you have a few minutes to spare!
  • Use technology – Almost all mobile devices and computers have little alarms or reminders go off at set times. Set yours for 45-minute to one-hour intervals, and when it goes off, just get up and do five minutes of breathing, squats, arm swings, or stretching. Add that up over the course of a work day and you’ve moved around for 40 minutes or more. Also, put on a good pedometer and challenge yourself to take six to ten thousand steps during your workday. This might make you go to another floor to use the restroom or water fountain, but it helps you move enough to overcome the risks of having an office job. If that is not enough, walk to colleagues’ desks to give them messages rather than emailing them.
  • Hide some gear – How to stay fit at work without anyone knowing? There are great gadgets and gear that you can keep in the workplace and put to use in helping you overcome the risks associated with prolonged sitting or standing at work. For instance, foot pedals that let you spin or tread while seated at the desk are great, resistance bands that you can hook over the foot and use to do arm exercises while on the phone, and even light weights that you can put to use if you have a few minutes to do a few standing lifts.

Don’t forget to park far from your office, or even bike in if it is possible. Skip the hour-long lunch and use half of it to walk the stairs or go outside for a brisk stroll. There are many ways to learn how to stay fit at work, and today is the day to start.
If you still feel that kink in your body after doing simple work outs at work you may want to schedule a chiropractic appointment for an adjustment and some specific exercises by calling (415) 788-8700. Exercising is also a great way to help relieve stress and can help the work day go by much better!


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