What is laser therapy?

What is inflammation?

laser2-282x300Inflammation is the result of the body trying to protect itself from harm. Part of the body’s natural immune response, this biological function is a sign that the body is beginning the healing process from within. Inflammation after an initial injury is beneficial; however, inflammation can occur over longer periods in response to an injury that is not healing properly. In this case, it is possible for adhesions and scar tissue to build up at the site of the injury.

What is laser therapy?

Laser therapy can be applied to areas where you are experiencing pain, swelling and inflammation. Light energy in the form of photons enters the site of the injury to promote healing by breaking up adhesions and built up scar tissue. Laser therapy is pro-inflammatory; this means that it aids in the natural inflammation process by giving inflammation factors a boost.

How chiropractic can help.

If you are experiencing pain around a joint, such as your knee, ankle, neck, or shoulders, laser therapy can be applied directly to the area of discomfort. Using the Multi-Radiance Laser, the chiropractor applies the laser to the area of complaint and rotates it about the area every 15-20 seconds to enhance the amount of photons that are entering the injured tissues. Laser therapy is painless and quickly supplies aid to your body’s natural healing mechanisms.

Laser therapy is especially effective at helping to break up adhesions that can impeded movement and make a full range of motion uncomfortable. It can be applied to any joint such as the wrist and ankle and is also effective at helping to treat back pain. Laser therapy has been shown to speed recovery time from injuries post surgery.

If you are experiencing a loss of range of motion and discomfort due to inflammation, call our office at (415) 788-8700 to consult with our chiropractors and learn more about the benefits of laser therapy.

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