Kinesio Taping Helps Naturally Heal Your Muscles

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Kinesiology tape is a thin and flexible tape made up of fabric and a non-irritating adhesive. You may have seen some people walk around with this tape in many bright colors and patterns. Those kinesio taping patterns have a purpose to help heal your body and help you continue to live a healthy active life.

How Kinesio Taping Works

It is advised to have this kinesiology tape applied by a trained professional so that it is used correctly and for maximum benefits. This tape is used on soft tissues to promote stability and healing a focused area. Using hot and cold compresses can also be a great addition to using this kinesiology tape to help relieve pain. Once the kinesiology tape is applied it will also increase lymphatic drainage to boost circulation and increases neuromuscular efficiency so athletes can recover fast from an injury. Here are a few more benefits to getting kinesio taping.

    • Kinesio Taping Aids in Pain Relief:

      When applied correctly, this tape can relieve minor and chronic pain. The tape slightly lifts the skin which reduces pressure on the pain point allowing for relief and natural healing.

    • Kinesio Taping Reduces Swelling & Inflammation:

      Certain techniques can be used to reduce pressure and increase lymphatic drainage. It will enhance the removal of fluid that collects in the area that was injured. This can benefit athletes and those in post-surgery recovery.

    • Kinesio Taping Speeds Recovery from Bruises:

      Similar to the above benefit, using this tape will lift the skin to help remove blood that accumulates from bruising.

    • Kinesio Taping Aids Proprioception:  

      The tape can be used to help with proprioception (sense of the relative position of one’s own parts of the body and strength of effort being employed in movement.) leading to correct posture, and add support.

Get Kinesio taping in San Francisco 

Kinesiotaping is great to use on its own. It is even better when you pair it with other natural healing methods. The easiest thing to do to resolve pain is head towards the medicine cabinet. We want you to know that you have other options. From chiropractic care, massage therapy to soft tissue treatment, our options are healthy for your body, mind, and healing process. At SF Custom Chiropractic, we treat the whole body.

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