How to Treat a Pulled Muscle: Advice from a Chiropractor

what to do when you pull a muscle, SF Custom Chiro

If you have experienced a pulled muscle, you know right away that something isn’t right. Straining a muscle can result in sudden pain and inability to move the muscle. The pain is immediate because the strain or pull from the muscle fibers was immediate. The good news is that there is a solution to your pain. Chiropractors are experts in treating pulled muscles and the strains that can come with it.

What to do when you pull a muscle

It is inevitable that you will experience a pulled muscle if you are an athlete, have an active occupation, and if you just live an active lifestyle. Our body is durable but sometimes the smallest movements in the wrong direction or other unforeseen events could aid minor injuries. If this happens to you, here are a few immediate actions to take.

  • Stop & Rest: When you strain or pull a muscle you will know it. The pain will be sudden and will surface in a specific area. When this happens, stop your activity and rest your body. This pain isn’t to be confused with muscle soreness but rather a sharper pain that doesn’t belong. Resting for any type of sports injury is recommended.
  • I.C.E Method: Ice Compression Elevation. Try this method to help lower inflammation, keep blood flowing and relieve some pain. You can simply use a bag of ice wrapped in a towel and a compression sleeve or wrap around your pulled muscle.
  • Don’t Stretch: Despite what you may think, stretching after a muscle strain or pulled muscle is not recommended. The muscle is already “stretched” so stretching, even more, will only increase the healing and recovery time.
  • Chiropractic Treatments: Our chiropractors will be able to assess your injury as a whole. Instead of using just one type of treatment like natural alignments , they will use a combination of treatments. Methods including IASTM, a soft tissue technique, will help with improving blood flow, repairing the muscle, and re-strengthening your pulled muscle.

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To keep your muscles strong and flexible, add some stretches and exercises to your daily routine. Body fatigue is the most common reason for injuries. If you have a pulled muscle or are experiencing any kind of chronic pain, give us a call. Our goal is to have you living a pain-free life and our specialists have the knowledge and tools to help you overcome your pain or injury.

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