How to Reduce Low Back Pain at Work

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Back pain is one of the most common medical issues around. There are times where your acute pain can get better on its own and there are times where you back is faced with a more serious problem. You should know by now that your posture has a major effect on your spine. The majority of the population are conducting their work at a desk or standing for long periods of time while looking at a screen. More often than not, we see an imbalance in the way we use our bodies while we work which eventually leads to back pain. Having a strong spine and being mindful of your posture will help prevent back pain and keep your body balanced. Here are some tips to reduce low back in the workplace.

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Low Back Pain When Sitting at Your Office Desk

  • Ergonomics: If you are at your desk majority of the time, ergonomics are crucial. Having a comfortable and adjustable chair, checking your desk height, monitor height and position of your keyboard, and mouse are all equally as important. It is important to make sure you have the tools and means to maintain proper posture throughout your entire body while working. Through our corporate wellness program, we bring ergonomic evaluation to you to establish a healthy setup.
  • Sit with Support: When you are sitting for a long time, chances are you get antsy and move around in your chair. For the best support when you are sitting, your feet should be flat on the floor, don’t cross your legs or sit on your wallet this will make your pelvis uneven and will contribute low back pain. If your set up doesn’t allow for this, use a box or something you can place your feet on so that they are not dangling freely as you sit.
  • Get Up & Move: It is easy to get sucked into your work and forget about the time. Sitting for a long time can cause fatigue which will compromise your posture. Set an alarm on your phone, set a calendar reminder, use a sticky note, and remind yourself to get up and walk around, at least once an hour.

 Low Back Pain When Standing at Work

  • Ergonomics: Similar to sitting, you want to make sure that your workplace set up is conducive to a healthy spine. Standing desks are popular and beneficial to those who have neck or back pain.  It is much easier to maintain proper posture while standing then sitting.
  • Sit with Caution: Standing for a long time or constantly moving can still take a toll on your body. Take some time to sit down and relax your body. When you do, sit with caution, don’t forget the above tips for sitting to prevent back pain as well.
  • Move It!: Even though you are standing, your body still needs to move. Fatigue can set it in if you are zoning in your computer screen and forget to move around. You are already halfway there, take a lap around the office or set a reminder to refill your water bottle in the break room! 

Manage & Treat Your Low Back Pain with SF Custom Chiro

It is never easy to deal with pain. These tips will help you prevent future pain and keep balance in your body. Like other routines you may have, seeing a chiropractor can be one of them. No matter the level of pain, caring for your body is essential for proper restoration, strength, and protection. Our team is full of experts who will assess your body and treat the root cause of your pain. Let us help you recover quickly and relieve your pain.

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