How to Boost & Keep Your Immune System Strong

Our immune system is responsible for keeping our bodies resilient, ensuring that we do not get sick and helping us fight off germs and bacteria that threaten our bodies. As current events have clearly indicated, it is more important than ever to keep our immune system strong. 

Thankfully, as modern science shows, there are many ways in which we can keep our immune system strong and better able to protect us. Here’s a rundown of some examples of how to do that.

Proper Nutrition

 Proper nutrition is a great way of ensuring that your body’s immune system is running at its highest potential. This means many things.

  • First, you should ensure that you are eating healthy foods. These include foods that contain citrus acid (such as grapefruits or oranges), broccoli, garlic, spinach and more. Numerous studies have found that these foods can all boost your immune system.
  • You should drink plenty of water. Studies show that drinking water can help boost your immune system and help you flush out harmful toxins.
  • Take supplements of certain vitamins, like Vitamins C, B6 and E. Again, research has shown that taking the doctor’s recommended dose of these foods and vitamins can help keep your immune system in great shape.
  • Avoid certain foods, such as soda, processed foods and other foods and drinks that are high in fat or sugar. Alcoholic beverages are also believed to hurt the functioning of your immune system.

Sleep & Exercise

Getting proper levels of sleep and exercise are absolutely critical towards ensuring maintaining good health across the board. This includes boosting your immune system. 

In order to maintain your immune system, doctors recommend that you try to sleep around 7-8 hours a day. However, remember, getting too much sleep can be harmful too. According to the Mayo Clinic, sleeping too much can actually harm your immune system.

Furthermore, regular exercise can be extremely helpful at maintaining your immune system and boosting the performance of your white blood cells.

Visiting a Chiropractor

Visiting a Chiropractor is a great way to boost your immune system . The nature of chiropractic is such that it can help repair neck or spinal misalignment. This, in turn, is thought to help boost the functioning of your immune system. Any reduction in pain can make you feel better and reduce your overall stress level. This can put your body and mind in a better position to stay well and avoid getting sick!