How Stress Impacts your Posture

stress impacting posture

Poor posture can be caused by a variety of factors from emotional, physical, to chemical reactions in life. Not dealing with life’s stressors could also impact your overall health. Chiropractors are specialists in balancing the whole body no matter where your stress is living. Here’s how you can fix your posture and take preventative steps if stress is knocking at your door.

The Effects of Stress on your Posture

It may seem comfortable at the time to slouch, hunch over or put your body in strange positions due to stress. This can cause poor posture to set in. When you are stressed, muscles tighten and can result in an imbalance support for your spine. When your spine isn’t supported, your nervous system isn’t working at its best and you will start to see the symptoms of stress like: headaches, high blood pressure, anxiety, and it can even lead to heart disease.

When stress leads to bad posture, your body will start to curve while sitting. Your shoulders and head are now set in a more forward direction causing misalignment of your spine. Your breathing can also be impacted while your back, neck, and shoulders may start to feel pain. We all know that when we are stressed it also affects our moods. Seeking care for your body will help alleviate the pain and prevent your body from developing a habit that will only cause you harm and discomfort.

How your San Francisco Chiropractor Can Help

Proper posture is one of our specialties. We not only offer chiropractic services to care for the body but also help educate you on how to take care of your body. If you sit at a desk, we do ergonomic evaluations to help you have the healthiest workspace. If you are feeling stressed, visit our massage therapists to relax those tense muscles and your mind. If you have been stressed for far too long, make an appointment with our wonderful chiropractors to help get you back on a path of wellness. Contact us today!

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