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How Sitting Too Much Leads to Back Pain | SF Custom Chiropractic

Sitting is a part of life for almost all of us. Be it for work, eating, or rest, every one of us probably spends quite a few hours every day lodged in a chair. It goes without saying that we all need to take some time off of our feet, but did you know that sitting too much leads to low back pain?
Here’s a look at why this is the case and what you can do to find back pain relief.

Why Sitting Too Much Can Lead to Low Back Pain

The fact that too much sitting leads to lower back pain may or may not be a surprise to you. There is a part of us that assumes that our pain will eventually go away because we are off of our feet resting. 
However, that’s not actually the case. First, many people have poor posture when sitting. Sitting the wrong way can strain the discs in your spine, causing them to twist, turn, and compress, leading to increased load. This, when combined with poor conditioning and posture issues, can often result in an aggravated back that is in a lot of pain.
Sitting can often create more problems if you suffer from other back conditions, such as sciatica or degenerative disc disease.
Sitting still requires good muscle tone, as it involves the engagement of a variety of your muscles, including the ones in your back, hips, glutes, and stomach. Weight management can be a key player in your posture.

How To Find Back Pain Relief

Thankfully, there are many things you can do in order to alleviate lower back pain that occurs from sitting too much.
First, and most obvious: Change your habits. If possible, stand more often. Regularly get up and stretch your back and legs. Go for a quick walk, or invest in a standing desk that will allow you to work while standing.
You can also try to alter the way you sit.  Try to avoid too much posterior pelvic tilt, instead, try stacking your spine with a slight anterior pelvic tilt.  Keeping your knees below your hips also is an effective way to avoid the hip flexors getting overly tight. Rearranging the way you hold your back or adding additional lumbar support can be very useful.
There are also specific stretches you can do that have proven to be useful when it comes to back pain. These include planks, trunk rotations, and pelvic tilts. Yoga or strength training may help to reduce your pain, increase flexibility, and build strength in your back. These will all help relieve pain. Our doctors are also always providing videos to target your pain for relief. Check out our chiropractic videos to find the right one for you. 
Last, consider visiting a chiropractor. Multiple studies have proven that visiting a chiropractor can reduce your back pain, improve your posture, and enhance your overall quality of life. Book an appointment with our specialists to help your pain relief!


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