How Long Does it Take for a Strained Hamstring to Heal

Unfortunately, all of us hurt ourselves now and then. Injuries are relatively common, particularly for those with a more active lifestyle. Some injuries – like a hamstring injury – are more common than others. Indeed, for many athletes, having a strained hamstring is simply a fact of life. Fortunately, there are many ways to heal a hamstring strain, and with proper care, you can recover from a hamstring injury quickly and be back on your feet in no time. 

What is a hamstring injury?

Your hamstring is the muscle that extends from your sit bone to your knee in the back of your leg. It is a thick, powerful muscle group, one that is responsible for many leg movements, including walking, bending, and overall leg movements. 

It is actually a group of three muscles, and injuries can occur to any of these muscles. Because of their position and how often they are used, hamstring injuries are relatively common. Hamstrings are often overused or injured if the leg moves the wrong way, or is too tight and moves too quickly.

What is a strained hamstring?

A strained hamstring is the name of the injury that occurs when one of your three hamstring muscles moves too far and gets pulled or starts to tear. This can happen if a muscle isn’t warmed up properly or as a result of blunt force trauma. 

A strained hamstring will be tender and sore, and movement will be more difficult. However, it is not as serious as a grade 3 hamstring tear, which is a major injury that may require surgery. 

How can you heal a hamstring strain?

While they can be painful and uncomfortable, there are many ways to heal a hamstring strain. These include:

  • RICE – Rest, ice, compression, and elevation. These are standard methods of recovery for almost any injury, and there is no question they apply to strained hamstrings. Using this method is one of the best ways to help you get back on your feet.
  • Physical rehab can be helpful in healing a strained hamstring. In cases like this, a physical therapist or sports chiropractor can recommend mobility, stretching, and eccentric strength-building exercises that can help your hamstring heal. 
  • Manual therapy: Such as ART, deep tissue massage, or instrumented assisted soft tissue therapy will help the scar tissue heal in the right orientation. Chiropractic Adjustments to the pelvis or hips will help with symmetric healing.

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