How Can I Fix My Bad Posture?

You’ve heard it a million times; stand up straight, don’t slouch, keep your head up! We might have felt like it was nagging but, it was truly meant to benefit us in the long run. Having good posture goes beyond looking confident and graceful. Having your body in the right position makes sure that your spine is aligned to help your body function properly and move it’s best. So no matter what activity you are doing whether it is fitness related or even just during your daily routine, always keep your posture in mind. 

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Is my posture really that bad?

Take a moment to evaluate your posture right now. Are you sitting or standing upright? Are you slouching? Are you in any pain? Now reassess your posture so that your spine is straight and shoulders are back. Try to relax and feel what proper posture feels like. If you made quite a few adjustments, your posture might have been worse than you thought. Even if you are thinking it is still “not that bad”, any time you are not practicing good posture, you deny your body the chance to function properly and give you the strength you need to perform your daily movements. Here are some tips to help you realign your body in the most common positions.

How to Fix Your Posture:

Tips to Fix Posture When Sitting:

Keep your head straight and do your best to not tilt your head up or down. Make sure your feet are flat on the floor, for you leg crossers we know this is a hard one. Working on making it a habit. If you sit for long periods of time every day or struggle with reminding yourself of your posture try using a posture corrector to help relieve that back pain and counteract slouching.

Tips to Fix Posture When Standing:

Keep your shoulders back, don’t stick your chest out but align it perpendicular to the ground. Use those ab muscles to help you stand up straight and don’t stand in the same position for too long, your body will get tired of it and resort to slouching. Keep moving.

Tips to Fix Posture When Lifting:

We’ve all heard stories of backs getting thrown out from lifting a heavy object. If an object is too heavy to get underneath to carry it, get some help. Be smart about your lifting and when you do, keep your back straight and upright and make sure your feet and knees are pointed in the direction of the object as you lift it. This will also help prevent low back pain and injuries.

Tips to Fix Posture When Walking:

While many of us like to multitask as we are walking from one place to the other we still need to be mindful of our posture. That means, lay off on the phone use while walking, your neck and back will thank you. Keep your chin parallel to the ground and don’t arch your back. When you step, hit the ground heel to toe.

Maintain a Healthy Back with Chiropractic in San Francisco

Improving your posture can take some time to develop those healthy habits. If you are experiencing chronic pain, come see us for chiropractic alignments to relieve your pain and help your body and posture stay aligned.

Ask us about Custom Orthotics. Often times the shape of our feet causes unbalance and we may need custom help.

Our team is dedicated to helping you live a healthy and happy active lifestyle. Give us a call at 415-639-9166 to schedule your first or next wellness appointment!

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