How Blood Sugar Levels Can Impact Your Sleep

We know you have heard it before that our sleep habits also affect our health. Every day is different for our body whether it was dealing with mental or physical stress. Sleep allows our body and mind to take a break from supporting our system constantly. Even though we may be dreaming during this time our body is still working for us. Especially if your body is going through a big repairing time from a sports injury or any other injury, sleep is crucial and regulating your blood sugar can help!

Impacts of Blood Sugar Levels

We have shared tips on how to get better sleep before and they still ring true to this day. When we are sleeping, our bodies are in full recovery mode and preparing for another full day of movement. During this rest, our body is also metabolizing glucose, therefore, the better the sleep we get, the better our body is able to respond to insulin and regulate those blood sugar levels. When you don’t have a good sleep schedule and aren’t running off of a full nights rest, your immune system is compromised and your hormones are more likely to be unbalanced. If you have experienced this, which most humans do, you know it’s never a good time. As chiropractors, we look at the bigger picture and see if there is an underlying issue causing your body to be unbalanced and work to resolve the issue. Since chiropractic services care for the whole body, regulating blood sugar levels is in our repertoire.

Stay Balanced for Better Sleep

You have all the tools you need to stay balanced. Balance is important to help your body not overexert energy causing you to crash or slow you down from holding onto energy if it feels starved. Try these balanced tips to help with your sleep goals.

  • Try using a consistent sleep schedule – with busy schedules it can be hard but try to get at least 7 hours of sleep each night and try to stick to your schedule.
  • Boost metabolism – eat more often! Yes, you read that right. Now, this doesn’t mean you get a free pass to eat unhealthy snacks. Try eating smaller meals and eating more frequently to boost your metabolism.
  • Use the power of nutrition –  As you prep for those meals however you like, keep nutrition on your mind. Lucky for you we have a functional nutritionist who can help you out. Every body is different and you would be amazed at what foods your body might need and what foods can help you conquer the day.

Call Your Chiropractor!

The best tip we can give is to listen to your body. There is a variety of services from chiropractic to deep tissue massage that can help you feel better. If you are unsure what you should be listening to or what it could possibly mean, give us a call (415) 639-9166. Our team is here to help you understand your body and learn what your body needs to thrive. Contact us today for your next or first appointment!