What is FMS?

After a series of Chiropractic treatments and Active Release Technique, many of our patients have reported feeling pain free from their previous injuries. However, these old injuries may come back or even new ones can develop. I’d like to help prevent this from occurring by teaching patients to be aware of their mobility and ways to improve their functionality.


Recently, we have started incorporating a series of tests for our patients in the office. This test is known as the Functional Movement Screen (FMS). FMS is a ranking and grading system which consists of various movement tests that requires a balance of mobility and stability of the body. Competitive athletes and sports teams use this test to help access their range of movement and identify which types of exercises may lead to injury for the individual. Through a series of simple movements such as squats, leg raises and arm extensions, this screening test can help access areas that may need improvement. By identifying the areas that may need additional work, our patients are given a series of exercises to help improve their asymmetries or limitations, which in turn can prevent future injuries.

I’d highly encourage all patients, especially athletes to go through this exam. A combination of proper awareness of your body, good ergonomics at work and home as well as a healthy lifestyle with diet and exercise will be key in the road to good health.

The Functional Movement Screen test is one of the many services we provide for patients to attain their optimum function. This October is dedicated to National Chiropractic Health Month. The American  Chiropractic Association has deemed the theme, ‘Find Your Game’.  ‘Finding your Game’ means to achieve optimum function at any level of fitness, age or weight. Check out our recent press release on: National Chiropractic Health Month and ways to achieve optimum function.

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