Effect of Chiropractic Neck Decompression Treatment

Effect of Chiropractic Neck Decompression Treatment | SF Custom Chiropractic
Neck pain is a common problem, one that affects millions of Americans every year. Thankfully, there are a variety of ways that these issues can be addressed. One such example is neck decompression treatment.

What is Neck Decompression?

This type of treatment is designed to reduce pressure on your neck or spinal cord. It may be necessary in the aftermath of an injury or as a result of any number of physical issues. In essence, it literally involves decompressing your spine by physically pulling your neck away from the rest of your body. This may involve tractioning it away from your shoulders or the use of any number of pieces of equipment. There are some at-home remedies that can be used, but you should only do so after speaking with a trained professional, such as a chiropractor. 

How Does This Process Work?

There are a variety of different ways in which this process works. However, generally speaking, it is a non-surgical, manual form of therapy. A trained professional – usually a chiropractor – will adjust or traction your neck in a way to relieve pressure on your spine. Doing so will not only feel good but may result in an injured area having an easier time healing. This is because there is some evidence to show that reduced pressure allows for the area in question to be “flooded” with components in your body that allow for an injured area to heal.
It is also possible for people to do decompression in the confines of their own homes via a variety of tools or devices. However, this simply will not be as effective as when done by a chiropractor. Furthermore, while decompression can be extremely useful, it should be noted that it is only one tool in the chiropractor’s toolbox. Decompression works best when it is combined with a variety of other techniques, including chiropractic adjustments, exercise, stretching, and more. These procedures work best when done under the care and expertise of a chiropractor. 

Benefits of Chiropractic Treatment for Decompression

This treatment has many benefits. It can feel good at the moment but can also help to relieve tension and address muscle soreness or pain. Moreover, it can help to restore functioning to the rest of your body by ensuring that your spin is as aligned as possible. When done right, you may notice a return of sensation to your upper extremities and increased muscle strength.
As has been noted by numerous studies, neck decompression and traction can help to relieve neck pain in both the short-term and long-term. Other studies have found that decompression which occurs via traction is more effective than other forms of therapy, like exercise or stretching. Many of these forms of therapy can be done via chiropractic treatment. As such, the evidence appears relatively clear: 
Chiropractic treatment for neck pain – particularly when done via decompression – can be a godsend for people in pain. If your neck or back hurts, reach out to our chiropractors today, and see how they can help you. 


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