Does Active Release Therapy Work for Frozen Shoulders

Active Release Therapy (ART) is a patented manual therapy that focuses on breaking up knots, adhesions, and scar tissue by relaxing and stretching muscles through active range of motion. This treatment method is most effective in treating frozen shoulders, back pain, neck pain, knee pain, migraines and headaches, and joint pain.

It is a painless technique used by certified providers in physiotherapists, chiropractors, and massage therapy to treat many conditions. In general, it’s best for all tissue treatments.

What Causes a Frozen Shoulder?

A frozen shoulder, also known as adhesive capsulitis, is the result of muscle imbalances and excessive swelling of the rotator cuff and capsule. This causes physical impairment and pain.

Micro-tears cause this condition in the joint lining and fascial tissues around the shoulder joint. The joint capsule can become inflamed, and this causes pain and stiffness in the shoulder. Tenderness, numbness, weakness, and decreased range of motion are some of the effects that can result.

This condition is very common among all populations, making up 2% of the general population. It is more common in women between 40 to 70 years old. It can also be linked to people who have diabetes. 

How Does Active Therapy Help with Frozen Shoulder?

The shoulder has a very complex system of connections that secures the upper arm (humerus) ball in a socket. This joint is surrounded by tendons, muscles, and ligaments that help to stabilize and mobilize it.

A frozen shoulder can be very painful and often debilitating, preventing people from doing basic daily tasks. This condition can be overcome with appropriate active release therapy treatment and pain relief.

With complaints arising every day of drugs not relieving joint pains and similar health problems, progressive alternative techniques like active release therapy are gaining popularity.

Why is Active Release Therapy the Best Treatment Method for Frozen Shoulders?

ART aims to reduce the pain associated with a frozen condition shoulder by stretching the tissues and breaking down scar tissue, restricting normal movement in the shoulder joint and muscles. This method speeds the recovery process and allows the tissues in the joint to heal, preventing the chances of injury from recurring.

The main benefit is that it allows pain-free mobility and relief of symptoms that can be achieved by mobilizing the shoulder but is safer and more effective than surgery.

What are Some of the Techniques Used in addition to Active Release Therapy?

The techniques used include:

⦁ Massage

The therapist will often apply firm, deep strokes that focus on the hard-to-reach areas of the muscles and tendons. The pressure is applied to loosen tight tissues and help with mobility within the joint.

⦁ Stretching

This is used in many body areas where muscles have become short, tight, or spasmed. Stretching will help lengthen and relax the muscles to relieve pain. It is a safe and effective way of restoring normal movement.

⦁ Trigger point therapy

These are areas on the body where muscles become tense and painful, resulting in these symptoms. Trigger points are often found in the tendons at the back of the shoulder. The therapist will use thumb pressure to release these trigger points, which can alleviate pain and restore shoulder mobility.

⦁ Exercise

An essential part of any exercise is practicing them regularly so you can use the shoulder without pain. An expert will recommend a specific routine and show you how to perform it properly.

Why Choose the Best for Frozen Shoulder Treatment?

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