Scoliosis Screenings


School administrative staff, principals, and vice principals are able to schedule scoliosis screenings with or without a presentation to educate students. These screenings benefit middle-school aged students (around 10-14 years of age) most as they are experiencing puberty along with growth spurts. While the screenings are taking place, another one of our doctors can address the younger student population by leading backpack fittings. These fittings help children develop healthy habits early on and yield them with the knowledge to detect when a bag is detrimental to their body.


The school administration is responsible for full payment of this service as well as consent from families of the children, which is usually retrieved by sending home and requiring a signed Informed Consent form. Set aside a 2 or 3 hour time slot for a student body of a few hundred students to be assessed by our doctors — we suggest weaving this time into their schedule (for instance, separating the student body by grade level and class times).