Client with Shoulder Pain: Top Exercises

Client with Shoulder Pain: Top Exercises

So you have evaluated your client’s shoulder (watch the last newsletter video if you missed it) and they have gotten the okay that there is no tear from their practitioner, now it’s time to do some exercises to address the weakness or postural issues.

Part 2 of the shoulder series demonstrates common rehabilitative and corrective exercises with a focus on the postural correction. We show a combination of passive mobility and active stability drills to get clients into safe and healthy joint-stacked positions.

Shown are Banded Pull Aparts, Wall Stretches for Pectorals, Subscapularis & Latissimus Dorsi, and a Long Plank Progression including Scapular Push Ups & Shoulder Taps. We finish with Thoracic Foam Rolling which adds an Overhead Reach element to focus on core-to-extremity synchronization.

Each of these should be implemented as your client’s needs arise. A typical prescription is 3 sets of 10 repetitions each 3-4 x per week.

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