5 Tips to Help You Stop Slouching and Have Better Posture

5 Tips to Help You Stop Slouching and Have Better Posture | SF Custom Chiropractic

Having poor posture can have an impact on your health. This is one of the most common bad habits that our chiropractors try to help people kick daily. Having better posture not only helps your body function better but it quickly makes you feel better with less pressure on your joints, release of fatigue and improve your appearance. Most people think of back pain as a cause or outcome of poor posture but there are more negative impacts.

Poor Posture Can Lead to…

  • Jaw pain
  • Headaches
  • Strain on joints and muscles
  • Degeneration of the spine
  • Disrupted breathing
  • Impaired circulatory & digestive systems

These are only a handful of outcomes that can happen when you have continuously poor posture. At a minor level, you could face some of the above issues but if not dealt with, poor posture could also lead to scoliosis. This will slowly alter the spine’s normal positions which will greatly impact how your functions internally and externally. Correcting your posture doesn’t happen overnight but it does need consistent attention.

Ways to Improve Your Posture

    1. Drive tall: You make think proper posture doesn’t apply when you are behind the wheel but it sure does. Forget about looking cool reclined in your seat or sitting in some abnormal position. Keep your shoulders back, knees straight and hips in line with the rest of your body.
    2. Stand up straight: As simple as it sounds, it is a must. Stand up nice and tall and keep your chin tucked in so your not tempted to let your head and neck fall forward.
    3. Don’t slouch or slump: A hard habit to break but can make the world of a difference. Don’t let your body get used to slouching when it is tired. Sit on the front of your sit bones and stack your spine straight up.  Take care of your body and posture by taking breaks when you are sitting for a long time and invest in ergonomic solutions.
    4. Be aware of your technology: If you are addicted to your phone or any screen, at least be mindful of how it impacts your posture. Raise your phone up to your eyes instead of tilting your head towards your phone. When making this a habit, it won’t cause tension in your neck and won’t lead to strain.
    5. Avoid sitting for long periods of time: This goes hand in hand with not slouching and sitting tall. We slouch because our bodies are tired, yes you can be tired from sitting for too long. Listen to your body, take breaks and practice good posture even when you are sitting.

We cannot stress enough how important good posture is for you and why you should fix bad posture right away. If you are looking for more ways to help you improve your posture, make an appointment with our San Francisco chiropractors to help you get on the right path. Contact us online to schedule your appointment!


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