3 Reasons All Athletes Need Chiropractic Care

San Francisco, CA

Top athletes everywhere pair chiropractic care with their training and performance. There is a variety of benefits that come with regular visits to a chiropractor. For athletes and non athletes, you don’t need to wait until there is a problem to reap these chiropractic benefits.

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1. Athletic Injury Prevention

Your body performs its best when it is in proper alignment and the nervous system is functioning at its highest level. This allows your body to be balanced and strong. When your body is not in proper alignment it leads to unnecessary stresses to your joints and nervous system, which will cause you to compensate  leading to risks of injury. Regular care from a chiropractor including, adjustments, sports massage , and Active Release Technique, help keep the body strong and healing properly. Injury prevention is one of the biggest benefits for anyone seeing a chiropractor.


2. Holistic Pain Treatment from Major and Minor Athletics Injuries

It is common for athletes, or anyone, to ignore subtle pains and choose the easy route of pain relief through painkillers. Since most causes of pain are musculoskeletal not chemical, we strongly advise against painkillers, especially if your pain or injury can be treated in a holistic way. This approach fixes the root of the problem and pain which encourages your body to naturally heal stronger than before which in the long haul prevents future injuries. At the very least  if you are having low back pain and having trouble getting around we recommend using tools like back braces for added support and pain relief while you wait to see your chiropractor.

3. Athletic Performance Enhancement

When you visit us for any reason, we not only focus on your pain area but we also assess your whole body. Especially for athletes, it is important for the body to be in sync while it performs. Getting FMS screening done can help detect your dysfunctions before an injury occurs. Not only will preventing injury help enhance your performance but regular visits will help your body heal and get stronger faster.

San Francisco Athletes Need Chiropractors They Can Trust

We treat patients from all walks of life and chiropractic care is beneficial for all fitness levels. We treat the whole person and tailor your treatment plan to your needs and body. Our team is dedicated to finding the cause of our pain and treating for a stronger outcome.

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