Chiropractic Treatments for Shoulder Pain

The amount of work that goes into keeping your body healthy is staggering, and getting back in shape or staying in shape shouldn’t be any different. Unfortunately, it often can be a struggle in the realm of resistance. With so many people suffering from shoulder pain, chiropractic care could be the answer to their problems.

What Causes Shoulder pain?

Shoulder pain is usually due to overuse of the joint. Repetitive motions like throwing or swimming could lead to problems in the joint. Muscles and tendons can become irritated and overworked, leading to chronic pain. If the source of the pain isn’t treated immediately, it could lead to long-term damage or injury.

Here are some common sports that cause shoulder pain:

Swimming: Swimmers undergo a lot of repetitive motion, especially during the freestyle stroke. The constant pulling can lead to trapezius muscle strains and rotator cuff injuries. Especially if the swimming form is not correct.

Baseball: Repetition, different angles, and movement to throw different pitches, often leads to rotator cuff injuries. 

Golf: Golfers are constantly using their shoulders to hit the ball. Due to repetitive motion and bad posture, it is often very easy for golfers to develop joint problems.

Tennis: Tennis is a very popular sport. However, it is also one of the most problematic for players. It is a high-intensity sport that requires constant energy from the player. Players often rely on the shoulders to hit off strings and balls at a rapid pace.

Ultimate Frisbee: This sport takes a lot of arm strength and arm motion, leading many to develop shoulder pain due to overuse.

Volleyball: This sport ranks very high when it comes to shoulder injuries. It is a high-intensity game that requires massive amounts of arm movement.

Weight Lifting: One of the biggest reasons people tend to tear their labrum or rotator cuff.  Lifting weights, in proper form or with a lack of normal range of motion leads to injuries.  

These are just some of the most common sports that cause shoulder pain. To keep your shoulders healthy, always be conscious of what you are doing to your body. If you feel something unusual or if it feels like something is pulling or straining, stop doing it immediately and consult your doctor to see what’s wrong.

What are Chiropractic Treatments for Shoulder Pain?

Chiropractors are specialized health practitioners that focus on the alignment of the back and spine. However, Sports chiropractors in addition to spine alignment are able to work on shoulder alignment, tendonitis, or injuries. The doctor’s goal is to realign your bones and joints, allowing you to get back to your normal activities as soon as possible. They provide treatment for shoulder pain by adjusting spinal joints, and shoulder joints and incorporate soft tissue therapy and rehab exercises.

Your chiropractor will determine your treatment based on your specific needs and injury. Although injuries do not always require complete immobilization of the shoulder joint, they may require ice packs to reduce swelling and inflammation. Some injuries will require physical therapy, such as stretching, exercises, and ice packs. Others may require that you wear a sling for a short period.

In many cases, your chiropractor may recommend a home treatment to help speed up your recovery. This could include taking over-the-counter medications or sports creams to soothe the pain and promote healing. Kinesiotaping can also speed up recovery time. In the case of tennis shoulders, the tape can help stabilize the joint while you are playing sports or exercising.

In some instances, you may need surgery. However, this is usually only considered if other treatments have failed or if there is a severe injury. Surgery can be invasive and should not be taken lightly. Always consult your doctor before undergoing any type of treatment, even surgery.

These treatments are designed to help athletes get back on the field as soon as possible. You can minimize pain and swelling with proper care while getting your normal life back. You and your chiropractor can determine the best treatment plan for your shoulder pain.

Chiropractic Treatments for Shoulder Pain and Prevention

To prevent shoulder pain, you should pay attention to the strength of your shoulder muscles and maintain good posture. If your body is constantly in a position that is hard on your shoulders, you are at risk of suffering from joint problems.  Improving your strength can also reduce the risk of injury or strain. Get back into shape by using resistance bands or working out with a trainer. Exercising with a trainer will ensure that you are performing exercises correctly.  

Asymmetry in both posture and range of motion between your right and left shoulder is a sign that injuries may occur. A chiropractor will be able to help you become more symmetrical.

It’s also important to learn about proper form for throwing or lifting objects. Throwing an object with the wrong form can result in injury or pain. Lifting incorrectly can do the same. Always talk to your doctor or sports chiropractor before starting any exercise program to make sure it is safe for your body. Give us a call at (415) 521-3073!

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