What is Acupuncture and Why It Can Help Your Overall Health?

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Millions of Americans suffer from some sort of pain-related condition. The type of pain can vary, but for many people, the pain is constant and absolutely will not stop. These people will try and do just about anything in order to get these issues to go away. Thankfully, there are more and more ways available to help Americans conquer their pain and lead a good and happy life. 
One such example is Acupuncture. This ancient Eastern practice is becoming more popular in the west and can help to improve your overall health. Some evidence indicates that using acupuncture for pain can be a great way of feeling better and improving your overall health.

What is this “Acupuncture” practice?

It is an ancient Chinese form of medicine. With it, trained practitioners will insert small, thin needles into points throughout your body. Despite what it sounds like, these needles generally do not hurt – most of the time, you barely noticed them.
According to the practice, inserting the needles can help stimulate chi throughout your body. Chi is an energy that is believed to be found throughout your body. As time has advanced and our understanding of the human body has changed, western practitioners have come to believe that this practice actually works by stimulating nerves. That practice can have a variety of positive impacts. 
During a session, a practitioner will insert fresh needles into your skin. Those needles will remain there for a period of time. It is possible that the practitioner will gently manipulate the needles or use some sort of heat on the needles. After a period of time, the needles will be removed. There is usually no blood. 
Like chiropractic care, this practice has been associated with positive improvements for a variety of benefits. These include all sorts of pain, stress reduction, and an overall improvement of health.

What evidence is there that shows how Acupuncture helps?

A growing body of research demonstrates how this practice can make a positive improvement in someone’s life. Thankfully, this research indicates how the practice has made improvements on specific types of pain. 

These common pain areas improved by Acupuncture are:

  • Lower back pain: Numerous studies have indicated that this practice can make a positive improvement on lower back pain, although the research is more nuanced about whether or not that pain can be treated long-term.
  • Neck pain: Here the research was more positive, with numerous studies – including one of 14,000 people in Germany – demonstrating that the practice can make a positive difference than when compared with people in a control group who didn’t receive any assistance.
  • Headaches: Numerous studies have found that this practice can make a difference here in terms of reducing numerous types of headaches. Furthermore, it was found that this is the case even when compared to simulated types of acupuncture, meaning that a control group was successfully used. 
  • Stress and anxiety: This is an area where more research is needed, as there are real concerns that some of the studies were not adequately designed. However, the studies that were done did show that the practice can make a positive difference in terms of stress and anxiety levels. Furthermore, some people have reported that they began to feel more relaxed after only a couple of sessions. 

This practice, when combined with chiropractic care, can go a long way towards improving your function and helping you feel better. As such, Acupuncture for pain relief and to improve your overall health is becoming more and more accepted. If you are interested in receiving this method of treatment, reach out to a trained and certified licensed Acupuncturist
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