2020 Races in San Francisco: January, February & March

January Races in San Francisco

1/18/2020 Run for the Bling SAN FRANCISCO

1/19/2020 Waterfront 10 Mile & 5K

1/26/2020 Presidio Cross Country 5K

1/29/2020 Fog City Run

1/30/2020 The Great Cable Car Chase

February Races in San Francisco

2/2/2020 2020 Kaiser Permanente San Francisco Half Marathon: 5K/10K/13.1

2/5/2020  Fog City Run

2/14-2/17/2020 REMOTE Valentines Day Run: 13.1/10K/5K/1K

2/16/2020 Fort to Fort 10K

2/22/2020 Lantern Run San Francisco: 5K/10K/13.1

2/26/2020  Fog City Run

2/27/2020 The Great Cable Car Chase

2/29/2020 San Francisco 5K & 10K Run for Special Olympics

March Races in San Francisco

3/5/2020  Fog City Run

3/7/2020 The Super Run – San Francisco 5K

3/8/2020 Running Event – Windmill 10K

3/8/2020 Healthy Hearts 5K

3/8/2020 San Francisco Bay Double 15K, Marina 10K and UjENA Fit Club 5K Run/Walk

3/15/2020 AAAAI Foundations 5 K Run

3/21/2020 Zoom San Francisco 5K/10K/13.1

3/21/2020 Sunrise Marathon San Francisco: 5K/10K/13.1

3/26/2020 The Great Cable Car Chase

3/28/2020 Golden Gate: 13.1/18 miles/31 miles/ 5 mile trail run

Race Recovery with SF Chiropractors

No matter the size of your race or training, taking care of your body will help your performance. Whether it is a deep tissue massage , Active Release Technique, or a chiropractic adjustment checkup, your body will feel better as it endures training and especially after race day. Schedule an appointment with our team!