5 Chiropractor Tips for Gym Lovers to Stay Injury Free

chiropractic tips for the gym

An injury free workout, sounds easy enough right? You may be thinking that the chances are slim to none that you would get hurt while working out, but it does happen more often than you know. Sports injuries are widely seen and obvious but what about your daily routine at the gym? It may be time to stop and think about how you are preventing injuries when you exercise.  

How to Have an Injury Free Workout

While you may be thinking you are being careful not to hurt yourself at the gym, it’s not enough to watch for those dumbbells that someone forgot to pick up or that wet spot from someone’s water. Here are 5 tips you can use to have an injury free workout and ensure your body being cared for while you pump some iron or shred that tread.

  • Pain Free Movement

This rule sounds simple enough, if it is causing you pain, don’t do it. However, it is one of the most important ones to follow. If you are still recovering from an injury or ready to return to your regime, don’t make the mistake of pushing your body too hard just because the doc said you were cleared. 

  • Limit Tension on Your Joints

As chiropractors we are well aware of the importance of your joints. There are ways we can keep them healthy and still keep up with our routine. When you are lifting, focus on the mid-range of your joint’s movement. This is where proper form is crucial during exercise. You can check out our exercise videos for the proper way to perform common exercises. 

  • Always Warm Up!

Another obvious tip but one that we will never stop stressing. Warm Up! It’s not fair to your body to expect to perform its best when you haven’t given it the chance to get warm and focused for what you want it to do. This goes beyond touching your toes and stretching. A good warm up will increase your heart rate and use most of your muscles in basic exercises so your body is ready to give full power. Here are a few warm up tips to keep in your back pocket.

  • Don’t Underestimate Body Weight

There are many reasons people go to the gym, we get it, they have all of the expensive weights and machines. Let’s not forget the power of our own body weight. Two of the greatest exercises you can do with no equipment at all, anywhere you are, are squats and push ups. Studies have shown that people who do these 2 exercises regularly lower their risk for injuries. 

  • Visit A Chiropractor

 Our final tip, and shameless plug, is to visit a chiropractor. We are a resource that has proven to relieve pain and help you on your road to recovery if injured but are also professionals in injury prevention. Our goal is to help you understand your body and strengthen it so that you can successfully hit the gym, get a new PR, compete in your sport, and not have to worry so much about your next injury. 

 If you have any questions about our chiropractic services and what your visit will look like with our SF chiropractors, please give us a call at [th_phone]. We’d be happy to talk you through what is causing you pain and our steps to get you back to your life. Contact us for your next appointment. 

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